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2016 success

As Estee Lauder once famously said, "I never dreamed for success, I worked for it." At Sola Salon Studios, we celebrate the achievements of our courageous, go-getting salon owners every single day. But the question is, how often do you stop to reflect on your success? As 2016 comes to a close, we reached out to the Sola community to find out what you are most proud of celebrating as another year comes to a close. From making the move to Sola, to expanding to larger studios, to doubling your retail income and even sending kids off to college, we are amazed by all you have accomplished. 

For us at the Sola home office, our biggest and most exciting successes of 2016 include launching the Sola Pro app and hosting four Sola Sessions across the country. We are SO proud to offer you with more tools to grow as business owners. But enough about us! It's time to celebrate YOU. 

@kimi_kisses: Success is measured in so many different ways! To me, one of my biggest successes of 2016 was having the honor of attending and being the Emcee at four Sola Sessions across the country and meeting so many members of my Sola family.

@thesistershairhouse: My biggest success was attending the BTC Color, Cut & Style Show that Sola sent me to! It was educational and inspiring and without Sola’s help, I wouldn't have made it there this year! It was a blessing and success for me in 2016!

Brandi Martin: My biggest success was starting my journey at Sola! I got my business name registered with the state, I am working on my EIN number, and making sure I have everything official. I am so happy to join Sola! Now I’m ready to set goals in 2017…

@hairlab_libby: Sola changed my career and my life! I have been in this industry for 10 years craving a place that felt like a home. I've created it at Sola, a reflection of my values and talents as a stylist and my guests are truly feeling the benefits. They are finally proud to not only tell others about their stylist, but where they can find me! I could not see myself moving further in this industry without the freedom and connection I have in my Sola community. I lovingly call our location the 'hair artists commune' and it's just that. A place where we all grow and expand and I am just so in love with sharing my passions with everyone walking through the door. Thank you so much Sola… Thank you for my success!

Sue Scott: They say everything comes in 3's. I am celebrating my third year at Sola Salons in Eisenhower. I become one of the 2017 Faces of Sola, which has truly been an honor, and I've tripled my income for my salon. Cheers to such an amazing community and likeminded salon owners across the nation . I wish you all much success!

@katzklawznailspa: I moved to Florida from Ohio in March, not knowing anyone. It was only then that I realized that I have never had zero clients. From the very start, Mary and Rich (my Sola managers) have been so supportive of my business and me, and the other studio owners have been so supportive as well. Best decision I could have ever made was to move to Florida and open my nail spa at Sola! Thank you for everything!

Debora H Routhe: My biggest success is moving from a large studio to a double studio! My business has grown so much that I truly needed the extra space.

Alayna Ditrapani: My biggest success was moving into Sola in June of 2016! After 15 years of working at the same salon I actually got to the guts to move into my own studio alongside a fellow stylist and we couldn't be happier! Here's to many more successful years!

@shearmadnessginapalatta: My biggest success was leaving booth rental and opening my own Sola salon! I was fearful, but I'm so glad I took the chance! It's total freedom and my clients love it! Thank you Sola!

@salon.187: Taking the plunge and moving from a salon of nine years and opening my own two-chair studio space at Sola Salons in New York. The past three months have given me a brand new drive for my artistry and has shown me that without risk there is no reward. I can't wait for the New Year and for all of the exciting things that it's going to bring. Thank you Sola Salons for providing a beautiful space for us to branch out in, make it our home away from home and allow us to personalize our services that much more. Cheers to 2017!

Jennie Unglesbee: My biggest professional success this year was for my husband and I to open our own studio at Sola Salons Eisenhower. After 11 years working for the same salon we decided we wanted to have a place we can call our own and can add so much opportunity to our career. We can't wait for 2017!

@luxlifestudio: My success story begins in Dec 2015, when I decided to I had to start somewhere and rented my first small studio from Sola. After taking a three-year hiatus, I decided to rebuild my brand and go all in! By April 2016 I moved into a double studio and attracted one other stylist who wanted to work under my brand. By October I attracted two nail artist and placed them in a large suite next door to our double. We now have a barber that wants to join us and will be in a 3rd studio by January! Lux Life Studios is growing in Hoover, AL!

@trbrownsalon24: I have experienced so many wins this year! I not only moved to a bigger studio, but moved to a new Sola location and became an Educator for Eufora International. Thanks Sola for allowing two of my goals to happen in the same year!

Griff Howard: Biggest success of 2016: doubling the size of my studio and getting into the jewelry/candle sales. The success of Studio G has sky rocketed and keeps getting bigger! I'm in shock and awe! I can't wait to see what 2017 has to offer.

@renaalemanbeauty: My biggest accomplishment is opening my own studio at Sola! I never knew I could love my job so much!

@hairlang2979: After recovering from neck surgery and not doing hair for three month, I still had a full clientele to come back to. That is my SUCCESS. Thank you Sola for your support – I couldn't have done without you! #retireundersola

Nicole O'Hara: Now that I'm at Sola, I have had the opportunity to travel for Redken education classes! My favorite was going to New York this year for color training, which was a huge dream of mine!

@kinsloveshair: Having a successful first year of owning my studio at 25 years old, and being a mother… I can say it's been a crazy and amazing year! I have doubled my yearly income and gained nearly 100 more awesome clients. So very thankful!

Shayna Baptiste: My biggest success for 2016 was to have the courage to become a studio owner at the Rea location...it was a very overwhelming and scary decision but I am VERY happy I took the plunge! I can now be my own boss having the career that I absolutely LOVE!!

Corrine A Morstad: My biggest success was being strong and independent. Thanks to Austin Lucas in Rochester, MN, and the support of my fellow Solamates!

Samena Amin: My biggest success was joining Sola Salon Studios DC Metro at Concorde Centre and becoming a suite owner. I love my job more than ever and can't wait to see what 2017 has in store. 

@hayleywiddhair: I’m celebrating 3 years at Sola in San Diego! This year I've really worked hard to take more classes and I’ve been working on my social media presence. It's grown so much and has brought me so many new wonderful clients! It's truly been my biggest accomplishment because it really allows me the freedom to run my business the way I want to.

Margaret Edwards: My biggest success this year was taking a leap of faith, quitting my full time job as an educator and opening up my very own studio! Sola has been such a huge help in this by always encouraging me and other salon owners to continually keep going! Thank you Sola!

Greg Salter: Our biggest success of 2016 was our decision to open OZ HAIR STUDIO in Sola Waco. Our first three months have been phenomenal. The level of customer satisfaction is "over the rainbow." Troy and I have been in the industry for many years and have never been quite so happy with our work environment. Looking forward to a "high-flying" 2017!

@bellefemmecosmetology: My success was taking the step to Sola Wexford! I am completely starting over after leaving a salon where I was bound by a contract that caused me to lose my entire clientele. I was scared to the core about it but it was the best move I've ever made! I travel from Ohio to Wexford Sola because I have a PA license but am already rebuilding clientele and have been making more money than when I was in the other salon! With everybody's help in Wexford, it has been a breeze! I still have a lot of work to do but I have no doubt in my mind I’ll be a thousand times more successful VERY SOON!

Amy Walterman: My biggest success was going out on my own and having great support from everyone at Sola in Rochester! Thanks for the first 6 months; I can't wait for many more. I wish I had done it a long time ago!

Staci Beasley: My biggest success was taking a leap of faith by joining Sola Salon Lancaster, one of the newest concepts in the Pennsylvania area. I have faith in Sola Salon Studios and believe it will be a success.

@jennifer_hair: My biggest success this year was celebrating my first year of moving to a larger two-chair studio, and it has been extremely successful! ❤

Candice Garland: My biggest success was opening my own studio at Sola Salons Lubbock. It’s been a huge step to go out on my own and I’m so happy I chose Sola as my new home.

@sarahmarie.doeshair: I will celebrate two years with Sola in April. We are expanding into a bigger space this month because we are too busy to accommodate all our guests in our current space. Sola has given me so much flexibility to indulge in extra classes and my family. It's been incredible!

Jess Zaiser: My biggest success was becoming a studio owner at the Sola Salons Omaha Clocktower Village! Best decision I ever made!

Marlana Damman-Schuler: My biggest success in 2016 was opening my studio in Woodhaven, MI. I was very nervous at first but I'm now I totally love it!

Carrie Wlotkowski Cox: From the first moment I heard that a Sola was opening near me I knew it was where I needed to be. I had NO clue how amazing this leap of faith would be. From Kevin Lent being my biggest cheerleader and voice of reason to meeting and forming new bonds and my Sola neighbors, my confidence and success blossomed. I love my new business, The Hair Culture, Studio 3, Carrie Cox-Hair Designer/Colorist. I'm making a LOT more money, and I fell in love with what I do all over again! There hasn't been one day that it's felt like 'work'. I'm blessed with amazing clients and thankful for this opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally.

Mindy Carter: Accomplishing my dream of opening my own salon Sola Salon Studios UtahMindy's Make Overs LLC Salon. I feel blessed and excited for 2017!

@amberbudd: Moving to Sola in 2016 after a previous lease elsewhere has been my biggest success. I am so proud and happy to be a part of this family.

Nicola Crowe Xanthis: My biggest success in 2016 was to believe in myself... After working for a company for 19 years that closed, I started my own business with only 60 days notice at Sola Salons in Manhattan Beach!

Kristie Doyle: Becoming part of the Sola family has been my biggest accomplishment of 2016! I cannot wait to grow my business more in 2017 at the Huntsville, AL location!

Stacy Calcote Abbott: Having my 3rd son head to college!

@janellebeauty29: Definitely taking on a Sola studio in September of 2016! It has always been my dream to own my own salon, and Sola has helped make my dream a reality. I get to run a business with my mother who is also a stylist and have tripled my clientele in only three months. Sola has helped bring such success in 2016 I can hardly wait to see what 2017 has in store!

Ricara Spratley: My biggest Success of 2016 is having the Best clients a hairstylist could ask for. By showing me love and supporting my business, I'm able to continue to stay at Sola with their loyalty. Cheers to many more years at Sola in Alexandria, VA!

@blowdryerssuck: I just completed 2 years at Sola Salons in San Antonio and I cannot believe it's been 2 years already! It goes by so fast. Here's to another 2+!

Danielle Fischer: My biggest success of 2016 was giving birth to my second beautiful baby girl and beating my sales from 2015!

Brittany Alford: My biggest success for 2016 was watching my business grow and my passion increase. Sola literally brought back my passion and my love for my career.

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