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Hopefully, during the time your salon has been closed, you’ve found ways to stay in touch with your clients and keep them in the loop. Remember, keeping your salon top-of-mind for guests is crucial to maintaining their business when it’s time to reopen. Consistent and frequent communications are also so important to nurturing relationships and building trust with your clients. 

As businesses reopen after social distancing mandates are lifted, it’s so important to reach out to your clients with important info about everything from re-booking to new sanitation practices in your salon. 

Copy and paste these into any of your communications channels, including text messages via SolaGenius, email blasts, and your social media channels. 

Re-opening Announcement:

  • I am so excited to announce that my salon is officially re-open for business! Thank you for being so patient while we prioritized your health and safety through social distancing. I can’t wait to see you back in my chair again soon! 
  • I am ecstatic to announce that my salon will be reopening on (DATE)! Thank you for your love, support and patience during this time! I know none of this is easy, and I can’t wait to pamper you again soon. 

Reach Out & Re-Book Beforehand:

  • I am so excited to let you know that my salon will be open once again starting (DATE)! I cannot wait to get back in the studio to serve my wonderful clients. If you need to rebook an appointment, please do so at (YOUR BOOKING LINK HERE). I can’t wait to see you soon!
  • Did you miss me as much as I missed you? I’m so happy to be getting back into my salon starting (DATE)! Book or reschedule your next appointment at (YOUR BOOKING LINK HERE). Stay healthy and I’ll see you soon! 

Extended Hours: 

  • Hi! I am so excited to get back in the studio to serve my wonderful clients. To make up for some lost time and to best accommodate the needs of all of my clients, I have extended my hours. Please check my updated schedule, and online book a time that works best for you! I can’t wait to see you soon! (YOUR BOOKING LINK HERE)
  • Hi! I can’t wait to get back to my home away from home and give my clients a much-needed escape. I have extended my hours to accommodate my clients’ needs during this time and will now be offerings appointments on (DAY/TIME). Book an appointment here: (YOUR BOOKING LINK) 
  • To accommodate as many clients as I can and get everyone back on track, I will be open longer hours to meet extra demand. Please book your appointment HERE. I appreciate your flexibility over the last few weeks! 


  • As my salon doors reopen, I’m keeping your health top of mind with new sanitization routines. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns about your upcoming visit or to schedule an appointment. You can find a list of my updated salon policies and procedures at (YOUR WEBSITE LINK). 
  • My highest priority has continually been the safety, health, and wellbeing of my clients. Between each client, I am routinely cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting my studio to ensure a clean space for my next guest. 
  • Hello! To make my salon more comfortable for your next visit, please know that I am staggering my client appointments to routinely clean, sanitize and disinfect my studio in between each appointment. 
  • Based on recommendations from the CDC, I am enhancing the frequency and scope of my salon’s cleanliness measures to include routine sanitization following each appointment and offering hand sanitizer to every person who enters my studio. 
  • I have been Barbicide certified and I am following their recommended health and safety standards and checklist to maintain a clean and healthy environment in my salon.

BONUS TIPS for Communication:

Take Baby Steps: When businesses begin to reopen, we will be entering a whole new world. It’s important you are understanding of your clients’ decisions and let them know you will be there for them when they are ready to reenter your studio. When they are ready, you’ll want to do what you can to make them feel comfortable in your salon. This means having a strict cleaning routine and communicating the precautions you’re taking with your clientele. 2018 Faces of Sola Ashley Lantz plans to communicate the safety measures she’s taking by having “a printed sign on my door or mirror in the studio as well as through email prior to their appointment.”

Have A Game Plan: What new policies are you getting in place? Are you going to start spreading out your clients to allow for time to clean in between guests? How are you going to handle clients who purchased gift cards while your doors were closed? Will you adjust your hours to make up for lost time? 

Think through your old salon procedures through the lens of the new world we now live in and come up with a clear game plan to help get your business back on track over the next few months. 

Make Rebooking Easier With SolaGenius: You already know the headache of the back and forth communication for rebooking one client...Now multiply that by your entire clientele! Cut yourself a break and let SolaGenius do the heavy lifting for you. 

SolaGenius Ambassador Ashley White said when talking about how she is planning to handle the rebooking process for her clients, “If they did not already have another appointment scheduled for May, I requested that they visit my online booking site with SolaGenius and schedule themselves in. This made it easy by allowing them to do it themselves so we both weren't trying to find a mutually available appointment.” SolaGenius can also help with communicating any new policies and procedures to your guests using the text and email marketing feature. 

We hope that you find some of these tips and reopening communications helpful. Take a deep breath and get ready to hit the ground running when you open those doors. And remember to give yourself some credit and grace! Our #SolaFam is full of the most amazing rockstars, and we are so proud of the way you guys have handled this situation. You are the reminder of how strong this industry truly is, and we are confident that the comeback is going to be far greater than the setback.

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