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One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a business owner is isolating yourself from other businesses in your community. It’s natural to feel the need to set yourself apart from your competition, however competition helps keep you on your toes as an entrepreneur and keeps your business evolving.

There’s a huge advantage to forming relationships with like-minded business owners. Cross-promoting, which is when two businesses collaborate to market each other’s products or services, can create unique opportunities for your customers and, when done effectively, can be hugely beneficial to both brands. This can work with businesses in your community as well as within your Sola location, and the holidays are a great time to test this out!

Cross-Promote Within Your Sola

“The beauty about being in Sola is the opportunity to cross-promote with other business owners around me,” says 2018 Faces of Sola Morgan Cameron, owner of Enlightened Beauty. “It’s important to get to know your Sola family and get close to someone who has the same personality, vibe or vision you have. This will give you both the ability to cross-promote one another and assist in building your businesses.”

Morgan who has hosted multiple successful cross-promotions says it can be done with very little planning. “I teamed up with a girl in my Sola who concentrates on hair cutting and hair coloring. We got together and took a Christmas photo together, edited it and created a giveaway during Christmas time. We posted it on both of our Instagram and Facebook accounts and had our participants repost our photo and tag their friends in the post. This promotion ran for two weeks and at the end of it, we put all of the names in a hat and did a Facebook live event and picked the name. The winner received a free treatment from me and a haircut and style from her. Doing this as a live drawing was really valuable because it created authenticity and made the participants know that everyone truly had a chance to win.”

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Cross-Promote In Your Community

Morgan is the only esthetician in her Sola location. She is surrounded by other beauty pros offering services like hair coloring, hair cutting, barbering, etc. She has the opportunity to acquire skin/brow clients because the other Sola tenants in her location do not offer or specialize in what she does. It’s a win for her and a win for them! But…what if you’re not the only specialized or niche service provider in your location? What if partnering with others in your Sola location isn’t all that easy?

Hit the street and get involved in your community!

Cross-promoting takes a little brainstorming, networking, and being able to think outside the box, which is what Morgan did when she decided to take collaboration outside the Sola walls. “I actually did a Valentine’s Day event with a local juice company called Vibe Health Bar. We called it Local Love Giveaway and the prize for a single winner was a full facial treatment that included a diamond tip microdermabrasion and an enzyme exfoliation custom for the winner's skin type and a $50 Vibe Health Bar gift card. To be entered to win, you had to like my picture, comment, and tag two friends, and follow @enlightenedbeauty @vibehealthbar @drinkliquidology on Instagram. It was a great way to work together, utilize social media and get involved with our community.”

For Morgan, it was also a great opportunity to cross-promote with a business that attracts a clientele that Morgan is eager to attract and service in her Sola.

Whether you’re cross-promoting and collaborating within your Sola or you’re partnering with local businesses, getting more exposure for your business and brand is going to keep your client list growing and your marketing initiatives on point. 

Share with us! What are some other creative collaborations you’ve seen?

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