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Can we talk for a moment about something really important but considered a little impolite by some? And that is…money. As salon suite owners and beauty professionals, we often talk about our love and passion for what we do and the clients we serve. We should be passionate and appreciative of our clients. But honestly, one of the biggest mistakes we make is not talking enough about money. Money can’t buy happiness, but if it wasn’t important, we wouldn’t get out of our beds every morning and spend more time away from home, our families, and the things we love just to go to work.

The truth is we need money to provide the best products, get the best education, and deliver extraordinary salon experiences for our guests. In essence, the more money you have the better. So, how do you generate more income in your salon business and still have time to live your life? Here are a few principles for creating more income and freedom from the book 6-Figure Salonpreneur 8 Easy Steps to Making $100K Working 3 Days a Week.

Develop a 6-Figure Mindset. Being a beauty professional is not a hustle, but you have to have hustle. Luck is rarely part of a success plan. Success in any endeavor requires intention. You must develop what I call a “6-figure mindset”. You must have clearly defined goals of what it means to you to be well compensated for the awesome work you do every day, every month, and year. Your goals become your guideposts to help you find your way as you operate your business. Without clear goals on how much you like to earn you won’t be able to achieve the results you want effectively.

From your clearly defined goals, you can develop a solid 6-figure action plan. You’ll know exactly what you should be concentrating on day by day. You will be more consistent and have fewer occasions of feeling overwhelmed. With clear goals and solid plan, you’re likely to be more motivated to be persistent no matter the challenges you face. And finally, a 6-figure mindset excitedly expresses gratitude for the gift and opportunity to live well by serving others.

It’s About More Than Great Hair. Obviously, you should be a knowledgeable and competent hairstylist. Do you have to be a Michelangelo or Guy Tang to do really well? Absolutely not!

But, to generate more income and freedom you’ve got to know more than just how to do great hair. As a salon suite owner, you must be equally knowledgeable of how to run a successful, profitable business. Begin to see yourself and your approach what you do as more of a business owner who provides salon services than a hairstylist who does hair for a living. Those are two really different approaches.

The hairstylists we read about in magazines, see on stage and on product brands understand more than just their craft. They know the importance of marketing, selling, brand development, pricing, contract negotiations, creating multiple streams of income, etc. In a nutshell, they understand business. You want more income, more freedom to enjoy life, become really good at business as well as being a good hairstylist.

Concentrate on the Right Fundamentals. What are the right fundamentals for creating a 6-figure income in your salon business and freedom in your life? There are only really four ways to reach higher income goals; service more customers, sell more services and products, have clients come back more often and charge enough to generate a great profit. That’s it!

Concentrating on the right fundamentals means having a strategy and system in place for each of these four areas. You must have a method for identifying the right people and a system for attracting them to your chair. Without a marketing system, you’ll always struggle to find more customers and make money. You must have the ability and a system to “up-service” your customers. “Up-servicing” simply means providing more services and products to take care of more of their needs. Next, having a strategy for turning customers into clients and have them come back more often is critical to generating substantial income.  Keeping customers coming back more often and becoming clients, in many cases, is as simple as making recommendations for when they should return to get the most from the service you just provided or incentivizing them with promotions and loyalty programs. Finally, creating an amazing customer journey is the final piece to delivering greater value which leads to higher prices.

Creating an amazing income and the freedom to enjoy life on your terms is really simple when you know what and how to do it. To discover exactly how you can achieve more income and freedom in your salon business click the link The 6-Figure Salonpreneur 8 Easy Steps to Making $100K Working 3 Days a Week or Less.


About the Blogger: Alex B. Jones, M.B.A. is owner of Revive Salon in Sola Charlotte and is a Salon Suite Coach who helps salon suite owners, booth renters and independent contractors get more clients, make more money so they can finally live their dreams.

For more from Alex B. Jones, The Salon Business Coach, please visit alexbjones.com.

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