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Diana antes ep10 blog cover

Growing up, Diana Antes was encouraged to follow a career path that yielded stability and security - like healthcare professional - rather than one that promised fulfillment and joy. But with a calling to pursue her passion for hair, Diana forged her own path, overcoming all obstacles, to eventually create a thriving career as an independent salon owner and one of our 2020 Faces of Sola.

Join us for another episode of the Sola Stories Podcast (pre-recorded at the Faces of Sola Experience on March 3) as Jennie sits down with Diana to discuss her journey to Sola and how she has grown her business into the success it is today. 

Diana is the owner of the Diana Antes Studio in Sunnyvale, CA. She took her passion for doing hair and makeup in high school and turned it into an amazing and fulfilling career as a stylist, business coach and educator. On this episode, Diana speaks about her first job after cosmetology school as an apprentice at a salon and making very little money, while also balancing motherhood with two young children. Diana took her first job at a salon for the experience but had a calling to develop her own brand and environment as an independent salon owner. Once she heard about the Sola community, she knew the next step she wanted to take on her path.

Listen, as Diana discusses how she curates her beautiful Instagram feed and uses her social media channels to stay connected with her current clients and grow her business by attracting new ones. She shares how she uses social media to build her business coaching services and promote her hands-on training for stylists who want to elevate their skills.

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In This Episode

[01:07] Welcome to the show, Diana!

[01:39] Diana shares what the American Dream was in her parents’ eyes and how that was not her passion.

[02:32] Her parents were very disappointed when she went to cosmetology school.

[03:38] Diana speaks about her journey once she graduated.

[05:42] What inspired you to post your pay stub on Instagram?

[06:05] Diana shares going from being an assistant to renting a chair and the eye-opening experience that was.

[07:13] What were you looking for when you decided to rent a Sola salon suite?

[08:24] Diana discusses how her children inspired her to work harder and the need to be successful.

[10:10] How did you grow your business so much that you needed to hire an assistant?

[12:09] Diana shares how she curates the pictures she uses on social media and posts them in the morning.

[13:13] Diana chats about how she uses social media to build her book of business.

[15:12] Diana speaks about why she is offering stylists hands-on training to elevate their skills.

[17:51] What is a business or marketing advice you would give to someone just starting as an independent salon owner?

[19:30] Diana shares how she sees her career developing in the future.

[20:54] Thank you so much for being with us today!

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