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Sade williams ep18 blog cover

Sade Williams is a celebrity stylist, owner of Sade Milinda Studios in Manhattan, New York, and one of our 2017 Faces of Sola. Before coming to Sola, Sade worked at one of the most prestigious salons in New York City. She moved to Sola because she was ready to create an intimate salon home for her guests, many of whom are high profile models and celebrities. She has even created an assistant apprenticeship program where she trains mentees on how to do high-end salon and editorial work in their own salons someday.  

Listen as Sade shares how she got started in hairdressing and the journey she took to create the career of her dreams. Sade has worked with many celebrities and has found ways to combine her passions for hair and fashion.

Sade speaks about the COVID-19 shutdown in New York City and how she stayed in communication with her clients while her salon was closed. Because of the pandemic's financial impact, she came up with creative service packages for her clients that served both her and her clients’ needs during this challenging time. 

Sade's salon is back open now with social distancing restrictions and she couldn’t be happier to be back behind the chair doing what she loves most. 

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In This Episode

[01:22] Welcome to the show, Sade!

[02:58] Sade shares her background and how she got into hairdressing.

[05:48] Sade says that she can't work in a big salon. She likes a more intimate setting.

[06:26] The first salon she worked in was in the meatpacking district of New York.

[08:54] On Thursday, Sade was working with Beyonce's mom. On Friday, she quit her job, and on Tuesday, she has an interview at one of the top 5 salons in Manhattan.

[11:20] When you worked at Ted Gibson, did you work with celebrities?

[13:14] Sade discusses the opportunities she got while working with Ted Gibson.

[15:24] Listen as Sade speaks about how scary it was to work celebrity clients at first.

[18:23] Sade says she was in the right place at the right time to combine her passions of hair and fashion.

[20:52] Sade speaks about how she stays on the cutting edge with social media.

[23:38] Social media allows people to get inspiration from others in your field.

[24:42] What made you go out on your own?

[27:06] Sade shares that being independent allowed her to keep her connections and use her experiences from the other salons.

[29:30] Sade speaks about picking out her Sola studio, which she has now been at for five years.

[30:50] Sade describes her studio.

[33:50] What impact did the pandemic closures have on your salon?

[36:06] Sade discusses how she took care of her clients during the shutdown.

[39:31] Listen as Sade shares the packages she offered to help clients the pandemic financially impacted.

[43:24] Her freelance work is on hold, and they still don't know when those jobs will resume.

[45:46] How have you used this time for personal and professional growth?

[48:22] Sade speaks about eating healthy, working out and meditating during the shutdown.

[49:54] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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