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Kenya kirk ep20 blog cover

On this episode of Sola Stories, Jennie is joined by 2017 Faces of Sola Kenya Kirk from Austin, TX, who truly stole our hearts because of the way she selflessly and regularly gives back. As a foster parent, she started a program called Mommy and Me, which has evolved into an organization called The Texture Lab, to teach parents and foster parents how to work with their child’s textured hair. Kenya also started a nonprofit called Dreams for Diamonds that makes wigs for kids with cancer. When she is not running these two wonderful organizations, she shares her passion for knowledge as a traveling educator for Keratin Complex.

Tune in to this episode to hear Kenya speak about her journey to become a hairdresser,  and what drove her to starting her nonprofit organizations. Kenya also opens up about the heartbreaking story of her sister, who lost her life due to domestic violence, and how that has made her passion for helping people even stronger. “It is my purpose in life to be able to stand strong for others when other people can’t.” 

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In This Episode

[01:25] Welcome to the show, Kenya!

[01:51] Kenya shares that being part of Faces of Sola was one of the top experiences of her career.

[03:28] Kenya speaks about her journey into hairdressing.

[05:46] Hairdressing is in her blood; she was destined to be in the beauty industry.

[07:21] Kenya discusses how having a studio allows her to do all the important things in her life.

[09:04] What made you transition to studio rental?

[11:26] Kenya speaks about the evolution of “Dreams for Diamond”

[14:20] Kenya shares how she woke up the day after making a wig for one cancer patient named Diamond and decided she wanted to make more wigs.

[17:05] Kenya discusses her other program called “Mommy and Me” and why she started the program.

[19:34] Mommy and Me has evolved into The Texture Lab.

[21:43] Kenya believes that a person’s hair is their crown, which is why she got into hairdressing.

[25:53] Kenya talks about the loss of her sister from domestic violence and how that has impacted her life and family.

[27:31] “It is my purpose in life to be able to stand strong for others when other people can’t.”

[29:58] How do you believe being involved in your community has helped you grow a strong salon business?

[31:06] Kenya shares ways you can start giving back to your commitment.

[32:59] Thank you for being on the show!

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