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On this Sola Stories episode, we talk with Jodi Snowden, one of our 2020 Faces of Sola and owner of Jodi Snowden & Co., a bridal hair and makeup salon in Southern California. While COVID-19 has affected our entire community of beauty professionals, Jodi and our other Sola pros in California have been hit especially hard with not one but two shutdowns, as well as the sudden halt of this year’s wedding season which is Jodi’s salon’s primary source of business. We brought Jodi on the podcast to chat with us about how the current closures in California are affecting her both professionally and personally.

Listen, as Jodi shares the emotional impact of being shut down twice, and the tools and resources she’s used to keep her motivated and inspired to get back to serving her clients in the salon. 

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In This Episode

[01:09] Welcome to the show, Jodi!

[01:53] Jodi speaks about coming home from the Faces of Sola in March, and a week later, everything got shut down.

[02:36] Jodi discusses moving out of her old studio during the first shutdown and then opening her new studio once everything reopened.

[04:07] How would you explain the second shutdown's emotional impact compared to the first one?

[05:40] Jodi speaks about her day-to-day clients and how she stays in touch with them.

[08:19] Jodi discusses why she believes salon studios should be able to reopen.

[11:28] What are your biggest fears now around these closures in California?

[12:28] Listen as Jodi shares how she believes that people are losing hope now, more so than they did during the first closure.

[14:03] Jodi speaks about some books and podcasts that she suggests to help you stay positive.

[15:59] When feeling down, Jodi says to turn off the news, stay off of social media, spend time outside and change your scenery.

[20:08] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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