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Episode 24: Balancing Back-To-School Like A Boss image

Like most things this year, the start of the school year has been looking a lot different for most families. Whether your child is required to go back to school fully in-person, a mix of virtual and in-person learning, or 100 percent remote learning, we know parents are struggling to navigate this new norm, specifically regarding how it affects their life as a salon owner. 

In an effort to support you finding your groove as a working parent, we hosted a panel discussion with some of our parent Faces of Sola who, too, are balancing back-to-school with life in the salon. This panel was so valuable and chock-full of so much incredible advice, resources and overall support, we wanted to share this special discussion with you on the Sola Stories podcast, too. 

Our panel was moderated by Sola’s Culture Ambassador and first Sola professional, Kim Bennett (@kimi_kisses), who was joined by panelists Shelbie Donoho (@shelbiedonoho), Amanda Fagan (@amandainreverie), Tahesa Nelson (@hairbytahesa), Ashley White (@ashleywhitestudio) and Steven Wren (@mrwrencuts).  Together, they discuss balancing the back-to-school struggles and how they have been (or plan to) balance this new norm and share what is working for them as their individual scenarios unfold.

As we always say, we are all in this together, lean on your Sola community and take advantage of the Sola tools available to help you when you don't know what to do or where to turn. 

If you would still like to watch the full webinar we hosted, you can watch the recording on our YouTube channel or in your Sola Pro app. You can also read a recap of the top 6 tips on this blog post

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In This Episode

[00:26] Welcome to the show!

[02:24] Kim shares that her daughter is doing hybrid learning in school.

[03:56] Shelbie is in Springfield, Missouri, and her daughter is in private school, going full time.

[05:54] Amanda speaks about being with Sola since 2016; she shares that her children are being taught with the hybrid model.

[07:06] Tahesa from Madison, Alabama, has been with Sola for five years, and her son is in school full time.

[08:00] Ashley is in Michigan, but her Sola location is in Indiana. Her two children are going to school full time and are thrilled.

[09:37] Steven is a father of three, and his children will be 100% remote learning in Chicago.

[11:20] Kim speaks about her biggest concerns with school and working during this pandemic.

[15:30] Steven speaks about how teaching from home has been going.

[18:35] They discuss their children's mental health and how it’s related to their kids going back to school.

[21:23] The panel discusses how important flexibility in their schedules is, especially with having their children at home.

[24:07] Listen as they discuss how the Sola tools have helped them keep in contact with their clients throughout the pandemic.

[28:09] They speak about best practices with hybrid and remote learning.

[31:12] As beauty professionals and community leaders, we can talk to our clients and share what is working and what’s not.

[33:49] How do you organize the day with your children at home but keeping them within a school structure?

[36:42] Kim speaks about being a single mom and how that affects her options when it comes to work and school options for her daughter.

[38:36] Tahesa shares some great online resources she found that helped her when teaching her son (Outschool.com).

[41:25] Steven speaks about the outside resources he has.

[44:48] Kim and Ashley talk about how to plan for unexpected scheduling changes.

[47:43] They discuss how great the clients have been with all the uncertainty and how the children are rolling with the punches.

[50:27] The panel speaks about this pandemic's mental health aspect on our kids.

[53:49] Steven shares some final thoughts on remote learning and hybrid learning.

[55:25] Tahesa says to stick to your schedule and don't give up.

[55:53] Amanda says to keep leaning into the support of your community.

[56:48] Ashley shares some last sentiments and insights.

[58:10] Kim says that you are not alone!

[59:48] Thanks, everyone, for being on the show!

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