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Episode 26: Creating Confidence + a Stunning Social Media Feed with Cuyler Engram image

We are thrilled to bring Houston-based hairstylist and one of our 2020 Faces of Sola, Cuyler Engram (@cuylerdidit), on the Sola Stories Podcast. Before owning his Sola salon, Cuyler honed his craft as a makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics. After facing doubters and discrimination along his path, Cuyler is now a business owner with an Instagram following of over 16K. After years of feeling like he didn’t fit in, Cuyler has created a space he can call his own, as well as a jaw-dropping Instagram feed that helps keep his salon business booming.

Listen, as Cuyler shares his journey into the beauty industry and how he’s overcome criticism and racism to harness his confidence in his craft and creativity. 

Tune in to get Cuyler’s number one tip for growing an Instagram following as well as a happy, fulfilling life. 

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In This Episode

[01:13] Welcome to the show, Cuyler!

[01:57] Cuyler shares his background and his journey into the beauty industry.

[04:32] Cuyler speaks about his parents’ reaction when he wanted to go to cosmetology school.

[07:29] Listen, as Cuyler discusses the huge part music plays in his life.

[08:55] Cuyler shares moving to Houston and the jobs he did while waiting to get his Texas cosmetology license.

[11:21] He speaks about his interview with Mac Cosmetics and getting the opportunity to work with other creatives. 

[12:49] Cuyler discusses how the pandemic has inspired him to try special effects makeup and portrait work.

[14:17] How did you get back into working in the salon after Mac?

[17:28] Cuyler shares how he didn't feel like he fit in until he got his own salon at Sola.

[20:16] Cuyler speaks about being fired from a salon in Florida.

[21:40] Listen, as Cuyler shares where he got the self-confidence to go out on his own and open a Sola studio.

[24:05] Cuyler discusses how he built his clientele since he's been at Sola using social media.

[26:27] Do you ever get new clients through Instagram?

[27:40] Cuyler shares his number one tip for using Instagram.

[29:52] When it's all said and done, Cuyler wants to know that he changed someone's life.

[31:28] Thank you so much for listening!

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