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Episode 27: How To Run Your Sola Like A Boss with Ashley Lantz image

Our guest on this episode is one of our 2018 Faces of Sola, educator, SolaGenius ambassador, and, most importantly, a new mom. Ashley Lantz has made her mark on the Sola community as a true trailblazer. She was the first person to sign a lease at her Sola location in AZ, even before there were even walls, and was also one of the first to lean into Sola’s technology to supercharge her business. 

Listen as Ashley shares her journey to Sola and how she’s used technology to run a more efficient business and spend more time at home with her family. 

Ashley and Jennie discuss the advantages of SolaGenius and how online booking has improved her salon experience for both her and her clients. Ashley shares how SolaGenius helped her stay connected with her clients and easily communicate updates as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded.

Stay tuned for a special offer from SolaGenius exclusively for Sola professionals. If you are ready to up level your business, you won’t want to miss this very special episode of the Sola Stories podcast. 

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In This Episode

[00:54] Welcome to the show, Ashley!

[01:41] Ashley shares her background and her journey into the beauty industry.

[04:26] Ashley’s ability to leap is one of her best qualities because she always goes after what she wants.

[06:13] Listen, as Ashley discusses being a new mom and a salon owner during the past year.

[08:47] Ashley speaks about focusing on her business at home instead of being a traveling educator.

[11:38] How has leaning into technology allowed you to run a more efficient business?

[13:10] Ashley shares some advantages SolaGenius provides to allow her to be on top of the business side while freeing up time to spend with her family.

[16:20] Listen as Ashley explains how technology and online booking have improved her life.

[19:02] Jennie shares how she books her appointments online and how convenient online booking is for clients.

[21:32] Ashley says that she has had many new clients come in because she has online booking and isn’t losing business when she isn’t able to answer her phone.

[23:06] How did you lean on SolaGenius during the pandemic?

[25:36] Ashley speaks about connecting with clients when they got the go-ahead to reopen.

[27:24] Jennie discusses the benefits of having the SolaGenius app and when the best time is to make the switch is.

[29:08] Ashley shares how she believes her digital welcome package has helped her make her clients feel like guests in her salon.

[32:33] Ashley loves to have people follow her on Instagram.

[33:24] What advice would you give to someone who is still using paper books on why they should switch to SolaGenius?

[34:23] Jennie shares a special offer for Sola professionals.

[34:43] Ashley shares a promo code to sign up for SolaGenius and earn $30! www.sola.glossgenius.com/invite/ashleylantz

[35:13] Jennie discusses the White Glove Service you get with SolaGenius.

[35:36] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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