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Episode 28: Healing Through Hair with Breast Cancer Thriver Barbara Vivolo image

We are thrilled to bring our special guest and breast cancer thriver, Barbara Violo, onto the Sola Stories podcast. Barbara owns a hair and wig studio in Sola in Long Island, New York. Barbara’s studio is a safe haven for women experiencing hair loss, primarily due to cancer as well as other causes. In her studio, she takes her clients on a journey - from shaving their heads to hair recovery and beyond. Barbara’s client experience is all about the peaceful, healing energy she is able to create for her clients, whether it’s the  fresh flowers she brings from her garden every morning or the bright, vibrant colors on her wall.  

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, we wanted to bring Barbara on the Sola Stories Podcast to share her journey as both a breast cancer survivor and tell us about the unique niche she has created in her Sola studio. Listen to hear Barbara share her beautiful, thoughtful process creating the perfect wig for each of her clients. 

Because Barbara has the only wig studio in her Sola location, she is the go-to person if any of her Sola neighbors have a client with thinning hair. She started her Sola business in her 50s and has been able to build a thriving book of business. Listen to this inspirational woman, stylist and wig connoisseur as she talks about the passion she has for helping and healing women.

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In This Episode

[01:22] Thank you so much for joining us on the show!

[01:56] Barbara shares her journey into cosmetology.

[04:35] Barbara discusses why she transitioned from cuts, colors, and perms into the niche markets she now serves.

[06:34] Listen as Barbara shares how much her mom and aunt enjoyed going to the wig salon and where she got her start.

[08:49] It’s a very emotional beginning of the journey for women, cancer diagnosis along with hair loss.

[12:33] Barbara speaks about why she started her wig salon at Sola.

[15:42] How do you protect your energy when doing this type of work?

[18:34] Listen as Barbara discusses her process from start to finish with her clients.

[20:49] Barbara talks about the wig studios in her area and why hers is unique.

[23:28] Having the right wig helps a woman’s confidence when fighting for her life.

[25:30] Barbara discusses the referrals she gets from other stylists at her Sola.

[27:20] Wouldn’t it be great to have a wig studio in every Sola?

[30:05] Barbara speaks about how she built a book of business in her 50s and how she keeps it growing.

[32:20] Listen as Barbara shares some words of encouragement to listeners who are going through the healing process.

[35:10] Thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today.

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