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Episode 36: Quick Tip: Hashing out Hashtags with Angela Ribbler + Jennie Wolff image

On this marketing Quick Tip, Angela and Jennie team up to chat all about hashtags and how this powerful, and often under-utilized, tool can take your social media marketing to a whole new level. 

A hashtag is a word or phrase following a hash sign (#) on social media platforms (primarily Instagram and Twitter) to discover content on a specific topic. Angela says hashtags are like mini “filing cabinets” for your content. When you click on a linked hashtag in a caption, it allows you to see all sorts of content that's related to that topic. When used correctly, it allows people who are interested in that topic to find you and your content. Hashtags should be used in relevant and specific ways, so listen as Angela and Jennie share tips to help you gain a following, and more importantly, new clients, solely by getting a better handle on hashtags.

Hashtags are free to use and a very powerful marketing tool when done correctly, but they can backfire if done wrong. Angela shares what shadow banning is, how you can avoid it, and how to research to ensure the hashtags you choose are getting you the best results possible.

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In This Episode

[00:51] Welcome back to the show, Angela!

[01:37] Angela shares the power of hashtags.

[04:21] How should a beauty professional use hashtags?

[05:44] Listen as Angela shares why a small business or salon should have their own hashtag.

[07:16] Angela speaks about what your hashtag should be.

[10:09] Start by researching other people with similar specialties in a similar area if they have a large following.

[12:22] Use relevant and specific hashtags.

[15:02] How do hashtags help people gain a following?

[17:45] Make sure your profile is public and think about promoting your hashtag.

[20:08] Angela shares a few more tips when using hashtags.

[21:33] Angela believes hashtags are free advertising, which is why she believes they are one of the most powerful tools in marketing.

[23:40] Angela explains what shadow banning is.

[26:07] Don't hashtag everything; use them in relevant ways.

[27:31] Thank you for listening!


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