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Episode 37: Focusing Your Lens on Success with Joey Figueiredo image

Our guest on this episode of Sola Stories, Joey Figueiredo, comes to us from Prairie Village, Kansas. Before he was a hairdresser, he was a professional photographer, and while growing his career behind the camera, he fell in love with the world of hairdressing. After obtaining his license through an apprenticeship in Kansas City, he continued to explore his passions outside the salon, landing gigs and working behind the scenes at Fashion Week, and so much more. Joey is a successful salon owner of a double-sized studio, an educator and one of our 2019 Faces of Sola.

On this episode, Joey shares his journey from a photographer to a Sola studio owner. He discusses how his photography background has helped him in the marketing and styling aspects of his career. Joey also shares his view on selling retail and why he became an educator for EVO. 

Listen, as Joey discusses raising his prices and how he makes sure his clients’ experience matches his price tag. He speaks about the hand painting technique he developed to cover grey called Greyage and how he is always afraid of failing, but it doesn’t keep him from pursuing his dreams.

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In This Episode

[01:18] Welcome to the show, Joey!

[01:55] Joey discusses why he became a photographer.

[04:15] Listen as Joey shares his career journey.

[07:39] Joey says it took him two years to get through his apprenticeship, which is about double the hours of going to school.

[08:31] Joey shares how he found his way to Sola.

[11:26] Did you move into a double studio right away?

[13:35] He can double book during the pandemic because he has two chairs six feet apart.

[14:51] Joey discusses how his photography background is an advantage in the beauty industry.

[16:50] During his stay at home order, Joey researched new social media content strategies.

[18:09] Joey shares his view on selling retail products.

[20:04] How did you end up as an educator?

[23:10] Joey says being an independent business owner allows him to chase his other interests like being an educator.

[25:35] How do you know when it’s time to give yourself a raise?

[27:19] Joey discusses how raising his prices has affected his business.

[28:52] “Your service and your experience have to match your price tag.”

[29:37] Joey says that he raises his prices every year.

[30:07] How does the client experience in your studio match your prices?

[31:42] Joey talks about going to a Schwarzkopf mentorship program.

[33:27] Joey shares the hand painting technique he does, Greyage.

[36:00] Have you ever been afraid of failing?

[37:24] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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