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Episode 49: Leaning into Sola Systems with Tahesa Nelson image

On this episode, we are talking about setting up your systems. Whether you are on the fence about going independent, a Sola newbie, or been at it for years, it’s always a good idea to pause and take a look at your systems to ensure they are set up for you to work smarter, not harder. Systems are the vehicles that are going to take you to your goals.

Our guest on this episode is a master at setting up systems to run an efficient business, and when it comes to using the tools and resources Sola has put forth, she leans in 100%. Tahesa Nelson, owner of Studio 406 Hair Salon in Huntsville, Alabama, specializes in color, cutting, extensions and textured hair. While she is passionate about her craft and creating an incredible client experience, she is most passionate about showing up in her role as a mom. Listen as we talk about the key systems that allow her to balance her salon and personal life to feel fulfilled behind the chair and at home with her son.

Tahesa makes it a priority to lean into all the tools Sola provides, including BeautyHive, SolaGenius and the Sola Pro app. Tahesa believes that online booking is one of the most important systems she has in place. This feature, through SolaGenius, creates a great experience for client while booking and also allows her to stay present, both while in the salon and at homem, without being bothered by incoming calls and text messages with requests to book or change appointments. If you are a new salon owner, Tahesa says the first system you should get is SolaGenius and then the Sola Pro app because they work hand in hand to increase your online presence and drive new customers to you.

Tune in to hear all of Tahesa’s tips to streamline your Sola systems!


In This Episode

[02:57] Welcome to the show, Tahesa!

[03:06] Tahesa shares how she got into hairdressing and her journey to Sola.

[04:18] Tahesa says she is the mom of an eight-year-old boy and a very active parent.

[05:30] When you first went out on your own, what were the first systems you knew you needed to get in place? 

[07:00] Tahesa shares how she prepares her salon inventory for a week.

[08:47] How big is your client book?

[10:40] Tahesa speaks about why she opens her books one month at a time.

[12:30] Tahesa discusses SolaGenius and how she books her personal time and merges it with her salon schedule.

[14:21] Tahesa talks about her favorite features of SolaGenius.

[15:50] When going independent, filing taxes and tracking your numbers can be one of the scariest parts.

[18:10] Online booking frees up time both in and out of the salon.

[19:16] Tahesa discusses how she stocks her backbar

[21:08] How has your experience been shopping through BeautyHive?

[22:05] Tahesa shares how the systems Sola has available saves her time so she has more time to spend with her son.

[22:43] Tahesa speaks about the system she has in place that makes it easier to be present for her son.

[24:50] Tahesa talks about homeschooling her son during the pandemic.

[25:58] What do you do to stay at the top of your craft?

[28:46] Signing up for SolaGenius is the first thing when first going independent at Sola. 

[30:03] What are your goals for 2021?

[30:44] Thank you so much for being on the show!

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