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Episode 39: The Best Art Starts with Heart with Terri Cowan image

Terri Cowan, inspirational speaker and owner of Professional Salon Concepts, believes success starts with excellent customer service. In this episode of Sola Stories, Terri and Kim chat about the systems you need to set up to create an A+ customer experience that will bring your salon and customer retention to the next level. 

Terri also talks about the importance of eye contact when it comes to customer service.  “Customer service is creating that absolute connection,” and you can’t do that if you are focused on your screen or thinking of your next client instead of giving your current guest your utmost attention and care.

 Listen as Terri discusses the benefits of offering a limited-service menu during your busiest times of the year in order to maximize your efficiency and still maintain a high-quality customer experience. Terri also shares some dialogue to get your clients to get back in the salon more frequently and feel comfortable while in your chair.

Terri believes that when you love your job, it shows, so get out there and show your guests that you love what you do.

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 In This Episode

[03:01] Welcome to the show, Terri!

[05:44] Terri shares some ways you can enhance customer service and systems.

[08:05] Terri speaks about people enhancements and making sure you are at the top of your game.

[09:01] How do you enhance your facilities, and what is your safety pledge and systems?

[11:17] Terri believes that people under 40 are lost in their screens instead of looking people in the eyes.

[12:47] Terri shares that it’s very hard to deliver customer service when you don’t know how to honor or pay respect to the people around you.

[16:08] Terri says you need to know your shortcomings and remember to take a temperature read of your guests when they come in for their appointments.

[18:12] Terri speaks about losing her mom this year.

[20:13] “Customer service is creating that absolute connection.”

[23:20] Terri gives examples of how human contact is so important in customer service.

[26:17] Terri worries about individuals that don’t think they need to have a professional personal relationship.

[28:28] Listen, as Terri shares a safety pledge she believes you should have in place so that your guests know they are safe.

[33:26] Terri chats about this being the busiest season for salons; she thinks people should offer a limited menu of services because of sanitizing for COVID-19.

[36:10] What dialogue would you use to get your clients to come in more often?

[38:59] Terri says that for retention, you need to find out why they are not returning.

[41:10] Terri speaks about what she loves the most about the Sola culture.

[43:43] What are you reading right now?

[45:17] Terri shares what living the life you love means to her.

[47:33] Do you miss singing for an audience?

[50:28] If you like your job, show it in your face and what you do.

[51:53] Kim shares what her mentor Terri told her that made her a better presenter, better hairdresser, and better at Sola.

[54:29] Thank you for being on the show!

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