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On this episode of Sola Stories, host Jennie Wolff chats with Steven Wren, one of Sola's 2020 Faces of Sola. Listen as they discuss why he made the career change to become a barber at 30 and how going independent has given him freedom, growth and control in his career. 

Steven, owner of Steven Brandon Hair Studio in Chicago, first caught our attention right when he joined the Sola family a little over a year and a half ago. We have been following him on social media and love watching him inspire others through education, mentorship and by being a great member of our community.

Steven speaks about his Sola journey, where he was able to build his business enough in four months that he needed to transition from a standard studio to a much larger one.

He talks about staying busy during the downtime and how he has coped with not working over the past few weeks. Steven shares about his family and how he is staying positive and motivated while spending time with his children.

In this episode, listen as Jennie and Steven discuss how the Sola family can stay in touch through social media and what Sola is doing to keep everyone educated while waiting to go back to their studios. Additionally, Steven shares how he is planning for a grand reopening.

Listen while this positive, inspiring, uplifting barber helps you get prepped and ready to re-enter the world for your greatest comeback.

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In This Episode

[02:10] Welcome to the show, Steven!

[02:56] Steven shares his background and how he became a barber.

[05:10] Steven started barber school when he was thirty, and it surprised him he wasn't the oldest one there.

[07:45] Steven shares the transition from a more conventional barbershop to his own Sola studio.

[09:36] Steven speaks about his one-year anniversary with Sola.

[13:57] What has your experience been with this COVID-19 and shelter at home situation?

[15:35] Steven shared what it felt like when his barbershop closed.

[17:59] Steven speaks about what he is doing during this downtime.

[19:49] He shared how much Sola is doing to keep people educated during this time.

[20:30] What are you doing with your family during this time?

[22:54] Steven speaks about how the Sola family can stay in touch with each other while salons are closed.

[24:02] How are you staying in communication with your customers?

[26:16] Steven chats about being able to stay positive by getting outside and going for a walk or run.

[28:55] Steven shares how he will celebrate his grand reopening.

[31:41] It's not about the hair; it's about what the person needs at that moment.

[32:22] Any last positive words for our listeners?

[33:36] Thank you so much for being on the show today!

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