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Episode 40: What 2020 Taught Us image

It’s been a year of unexpected challenges, but also a year of tremendous opportunity for those who have taken the time to learn and grow through it all. For our last episode of 2020, the team behind the Sola Stories Podcast wanted to connect to reflect on the lessons this monumental, transformative year has taught us. 

Listen as Jennie, Kim and Angela share how they pivoted during 2020, both professionally and personally, the lessons they learned about relinquishing control, and how they’ve overcome the hardest moments of this pandemic. They talk about the changes they have gone through over the year and what they are looking forward to carrying with them into 2021.

After the conversation is over, keep listening to hear some amazing reviews the Sola Stories podcast has received over the last year. Remember, if you like what you’ve been hearing, please leave a review and you may hear yours read on a future episode of Sola Stories!

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In This Episode

[01:34] Jennie Wolff, Kim Bennett and Angela Ribbler - thank you for joining us all as we wrap up this year with reflections and lessons. 

[03:32] Kim shares how she has had to pivot this year.

[06:20] Angela speaks about the ways she has learned to pivot during the pandemic.

[09:13] Jennie chats about some pivots she has had to make in her personal life.

[10:33] Angela talks about how planning didn’t work this last year, but things turned out great anyway.

[11:41] Kim discusses how she handled the changes on a personal level as a single mother.

[14:50] What lessons about relinquishing control have you learned that you will take into 2021 with you?

[17:57] Angela shares the biggest thing she has learned about relinquishing control.

[19:55] Jennie speaks about waiting to have a baby for the perfect time and what she learned this year.

[22:08] Kim chats about what was hardest for her during the pandemic.

[24:43] Angela shares the hardest part of 2020 was for her.

[27:13] Jennie has taken 2020 to learn to find stillness in her life.

[28:08] Kim discusses having the opportunity to move into her new house.

[32:14] Angela speaks about her new puppy she got in 2020.

[34:27] Kim, have you learned anything about being more present this year?

[37:53] Angela learned that her worth isn’t based on productivity.

[39:56] Jennie shares what she has learned about self-worth this year.

[41:56] Angela talks about all the projects she gives herself to fill her time instead of enjoying the stillness.

[44:42] Kim discusses how the Sola community has helped her in the last year.

[47:32] Kim says that the entire community became visionaries together during the pandemic.

[49:12] Angela, how did you lean on the community and gain strength through them during 2020?

[55:32] Happy New Year from everyone at Sola!

[56:10] Listen as they share some amazing reviews the podcast has received.

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