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Episode 51: Rocking Your Retail Systems with Ashley Lantz image

Let’s talk retail! We brought Ashley Lantz, 2018 Faces of Sola and the queen of paying her rent in retail, back on the Sola Stories podcast to talk about how she uses retail to positively impact her bottom line.

Listen as Ashley discusses how leaning into the tools provided by Sola, like SolaGenius and BeautyHive, have helped her retail business grow. Ashley says that retail is not only a way to increase your revenue, but is critical to creating a well-rounded, positive experience for your guests.

Tune in to hear Jennie and Ashley discuss setting up systems for retail success, how to sell without being “salesy” and how to use KPIs to set your retail goals and make more informed purchasing decisions.

Have you heard the buzz about BeautyHive? Ashley talking about her first experience shopping on BeautyHive, how easy the site was to navigate and why she can’t wait to order again. 


In This Episode

[01:28] Welcome to the show, Ashley!

[01:55] Ashley shares a little about herself and when she first leased her studio.

[05:45] Ashley discusses how leaning into the tools provided by Sola has helped her business grow.

[08:29] Ashley believes that retail is very important to her business; she pays her rent with revenue she makes from retail.

[11:48] Retail is a way to enhance the experience of your guest.

[13:44] Sales fuels education. Education fuels sales.

[16:03] How do you position the consultation for that retail recommendation at the end?

[19:01] Ashley treats retail like she is a doctor, so she prescribes products to them and lets them know how it will help them maintain their look created in the salon.

[21:28] Ashley talks about the importance of your average ticket.

[24:23] Why do you believe it’s so important to sell retail to your guests?

[27:01] Jennie shares an experience she had at a salon during the pandemic.

[31:05] Ashley talks about using BeautyHive and what her experience was.

[34:19] Everything Sola creates is meant to solve a problem for our beauty professionals.

[36:51] How do you use data from SolaGenius to help you make purchasing decisions?

[38:33] You can track all your inventory through SolaGenius.

[40:04] Thank you for listening!

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