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Episode 53: It's All About The Journey with Andrew Carruthers image

Andrew Carruthers has been a friend to the Sola family for a long time and has had a career that’s truly been a journey. He’s gone from hairdresser to platform artist to salon owner to Director of Education for Sam Villa Brand. After spending many years behind the chair servicing thousands of clients, Andrew was able to connect each role he’s held to one common passion - supporting others on their journeys. This realization brought Andrew to combine his experience and skills from all of his endeavors in his next chapter as a life coach and founder of The Journeyist.

Tune in to this episode to hear what initially drew him into a career in the beauty industry, how he became Director of Education for Sam Villa and how he’s successfully pivoted his career so many times. 

Listen as Andrew discusses burnout - what he has learned after experiencing it himself and advice to help others avoid making the same mistakes. Andrew also shares the moment that everything in his life shifted and gave him the confidence to start something new. 


In This Episode

[01:19] Welcome to the show, Andrew!

[01:40] Andrew shares what drew him into a career in the beauty industry.

[04:32] Andrew speaks about starting as an apprentice.

[07:32] How did you get connected with Sam Villa?

[10:31] Andrew and Sam realized they had a similar passion and connection to the industry and education.

[14:04] Andrew discusses what inspires him about the Sola community.

[20:10] Andrew talks about spirituality.

[21:29] Andrew speaks about what he is doing with life coaching and where he is with The Journeyist.

[25:01] Andrew talks about the moment that things shifted.

[28:12] It’s important to make sure the lessons we learned last year don’t get left behind.

[35:39] Are you feeling stuck and confused right now?

[37:46] Andrew shares what he has learned from burnout.

[40:25] So many people look back now and think about how much they needed to slow down.

[42:55] Jennie’s grandma told her, “The work stops when you do.”

[45:17] What are you looking forward to most during 2021 and this new chapter of your life?

[48:34] Thank you for being on the show!


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