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Episode 54: Reconnecting with Sola Sessions MCs Kim Bennett + Steven Wren image

After the challenges 2020 brought us, we are desperate to reconnect with our community and have our community reconnect with each other - and that's exactly what The Sola Sessions Reconnected is all about. Sola’s first virtual education event will be co-hosted by Kim Bennett (@kimi_kisses) and Steven Wren (@mrwrencuts), and our dynamic co-hosting duo has teamed up on this episode to share what they are most looking forward to.

While many of us miss traveling and experiencing in-person events with other salon professionals, there are a lot of benefits to a virtual event, like being able to attend from the comfort of your own home or the very affordable event ticket (even more affordable if you're a Sola professional). 

One of the many other great things about our event is it’s inclusivity. In the past, all Sola Sessions have been exclusive to the Sola community. But for The Sola Sessions Reconnected, we are opening it up to reconnect with the entire beauty industry. And with three stages, 20+ classes and 18 hours of education, there is sure to be inspiration and education for everyone, no matter your specialty or where you are in your career. Not sure how you’ll manage watching all of that content in one sitting? We’ve got you covered! Ticket holders will be available to watch every class on-demand through the end of 2021.

We tend to connect and learn the most from people who are like us, and that's exactly why this opportunity to reconnect is so important, especially now. So we hope that you will join us for The Sola Sessions Reconnected on Monday, May 17th. Tickets are on sale now for only $59, and Sola professionals receive exclusive pricing of only $29. Trust us, you do not want to miss it!


In This Episode:

[0:23] – Kim Bennett and Steven Wren greet us and each other, explaining that they will be hosting the upcoming virtual event, The Sola Sessions Reconnected.

[3:01] – Kim comments on how difficult it is to not be able to travel to live events because of the pandemic, but also points to some of the pros of virtual events.

[3:41] – Steven offers his own insight about what having virtual events has been like for him and how events will probably look in the future.

[4:29] – Kim argues that education is likely heading toward a hybrid model of being both live and virtual.

[6:19] – Kim compares the opportunity to virtually connect to having bought her favorite band's CD when she was younger and learning all of the songs but then lining up to see them in concert when they come to your city.

[8:02] – Steven reflects on the fact that being virtual hosts will be firsts for both of them.

[9:47] – Steven reveals what about the event he is most excited about.

[10:51] – Kim enthuses over the conveniences of the event being virtual, such as how more people will be able to attend since they don't have to travel.

[12:31] – Kim discusses the importance of finding people who are similar to you, as those are the types of people with whom we tend to build connections and learn from.

[13:22] – We learn the layout of The Sola Sessions Reconnected, such as how there will be three different stages.

[16:02] – Steven and Kim discuss the importance of community and inclusion with events such as The Sola Sessions Reconnected.

[18:28] – Kim advises us to attend the event in order to grow and reconnect, adding that it will be a learning experience for her and Steven as well.

[20:54] – Steven asserts that the salon industry is a people industry, not just a service.

[23:21] – Kim reveals that she loves education and being a student because she loves to learn.

[24:29] – Steven provides his own insight on how he views education, making the case that education allows for potential to be unlocked.

[25:15] – Kim points out that discomfort comes with the territory of growth, that you have to be willing to go outside of your comfort zone.

[26:50] – Kim presents us with the possibility that a virtual event, even more than a live event, gives people the opportunity to voice themselves.

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