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Episode 64: Radically Curly and Purposefully Passionate with Danielle Green image

In honor of the two-year anniversary of the CROWN Act being passed in the state of California, we knew we just had to catch up with Sola stylist, Danielle Green. This passionate activist, educator, social media sensation and Radically Curly Salon owner joins us on this episode to share how she turned her passion for textured hair into her life purpose. Danielle grew up in the beauty industry as an apprentice to her mother and has now been in her Sola studio in Las Vegas for eleven years. She and her team specialize in and celebrate curly hair, with the mission to empower clients with all hair types and textures to feel confident wearing their crown.

Danielle is a strong advocate for the CROWN Act, created to outlaw discrimination based on hair style and texture in workplaces and public schools. She has also started her own petition to create a curriculum for curly and textured hair in all cosmetology schools. Join us to talk about the beauty and meaning of textured hair, why and how to become an advocate for change and how to empower future generations to embrace the natural fabric of their hair.


In This Episode

[0:33] – Danielle Green introduces herself and why she is passionate about textured and curly hair.

[0:49] – Jennie and Danielle explain what the CROWN Act prohibits.

[1:16] – Danielle shares some background information.

[4:00] – Danielle shares her story of being in the beauty industry.

[5:54] – A crisis can lead to growth and new opportunities.

[7:09] – How Radically Curly grew as a brand.

[9:20] – Where the name Radically Curly comes from.

[10:54] – Radically Curly operates together as a team.

[12:36] – Radically Curly's multicultural element.

[14:16] – Danielle's struggle with her curly hair in the past.

[17:15] – Various ethnicities are affected by curly hair bias.

[19:35] – Standards of beauty are arbitrary and change throughout history.

[21:20] – The CROWN Act protects people like Danielle.

[23:56] – The CROWN Act has been passed in Nevada and sixteen other states as well.

[26:32] – We are headed in the right direction, but there is still work to be done.

[29:13] – What Danielle did in Nevada to use her voice and make a difference.

[32:22] – Danielle has created a cosmetology petition to raise awareness.

[34:54] – Why all hairdressers should be taught about naturally curly hair in cosmetology school.

[36:24] – Mothers sometimes come into salons with daughters with very different hair types than theirs.

[38:57] – Internal and external problems are caused by shame.

[41:50] – Kenya Kirk and her program, Mommy and Me.

[44:04] – Danielle's contact info.

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