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Episode 65: How To Market Your Salon Environment To The Max image

You've spent a ton of time and energy making your space perfect for your guests. What if your salon could create an amazing experience for your current clients while also attracting new clients to your chair? It's easier than you may think. What initially drew you to a salon studio environment, and how can you market those benefits to your clients, too?

The latest Sola Stories Podcast was created from a recorded Clubhouse room that we hosted with salon owner, Hunter Donia. We chatted all about why and how to market, not only your services, but your actual salon environment to its full potential. Various Sola professionals also share their experiences and how they market their salons. Tune in as they share helpful insights and bounce around creative and effective ways to market your salon environment. 

If you're not yet on Clubhouse, we strongly encourage you to join and follow Sola, Hunter Donia and Angela Ribbler so that you can be a part of future conversations like this one every Tuesday morning!


In This Episode

[0:28] – How to market your salon environment to the max with Hunter Donia and Angela Ribbler on Clubhouse.

[1:58] – There is an episode of the podcast about why you should join Clubhouse.

[2:34] – Be sure to join the Sola club on Clubhouse.

[3:29] – What it means to market your salon environment to the max

[5:25] – Hunter gives an example of marketing your brand.

[8:45] – What drew you to your preferred salon environment?

[10:40] – Angela argues that you should get creative and make use of what you can do.

[15:49] – Be transparent about the experience that you create for clients.

[18:22] – Angela shares a story of helping her close friend – who is transgender – find a hairdresser.

[21:46] – Christina reveals what about her salon will make for a unique experience.

[24:13] – Angela enthuses over a video from Hunter's Instagram page.

[25:41] – Christina's process of showing and/or telling clients about her environment.

[28:47] – Sola partners with beauty professionals for them to share their stories, and Angela explains why that's important.

[32:07] – Emily's salon is one of the only salons in her area that is LGBTQ+ friendly.

[34:36] – Your talent and the appearance of your salon don't matter if you don't market yourself.

[37:35] – Hunter talks about charging what you're worth and raising your prices.

[42:57] – Sola professionals can use SolaGenius for a low price.

[45:13] – Sydney uses video to market herself and wants to take that to another level.

[47:09] – Simplify your pricing for online booking as much as possible.

[52:14] – Take advantage of story highlights on Instagram and use Instagram's Guides feature.

[55:00] – You could group your Instagram story highlights by hair color.

[57:27] – Survey people. Ask them what they want!

[59:58] – Sola's recent episode about the updated mask mandates.

[1:02:16] – Hunter's opinion about safety during current times.

[1:05:03] – Hunter and Angela bring the episode to a close.

Links and Resources


Hunter's Instagram: @hairbyhunty

Angela's Instagram: @acontentqueen

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