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Episode 68: Creating an Amazing Guest Experience in a Suite image

Running a salon isn't just about hair and makeup. It’s about a personalized experience where your clients can feel comfortable, vulnerable, safe and beautiful from the inside out. That's why creating an amazing guest experience for clients is so important.

Wondering how to create an experience worth coming back for? What small (or big) things can you add to your salon environment or service to make them feel special? 

Tune in to this episode as Angela Ribbler, Jennie Wolff, Hunter Donia and Ebony Nelson share how to create a memorable guest experience in a salon studio, while also incorporating your personality and core values into your safe haven. Your clients don’t just come to you for a service but rather a holistic experience. Creating a next-level guest experience is a win-win because they feel pampered, and you can feel comfortable and confident charging what you’re worth.


In This Episode

[0:31] – A Clubhouse conversation about creating a great client experience in a suite.

[1:52] – What makes what Ebony offers unique.

[3:54] – Ebony compares the guest experience to customer service.

[5:52] – Ebony makes it a point to hype her clients up!

[8:28] – Jennie confirms how important it is, as a customer, to feel seen.

[9:14] – How Hunter's salon offers a unique experience.

[11:02] – Hairstylists are problem solvers!

[12:08] – Hunter reveals a couple of ways that he makes the experience with him tailored to his clients.

[13:05] – Angela offers her perspective as a client and discusses the booking process.

[13:58] – Ebony's thoughts on booking appointments.

[15:44] – Simplify your marketing!

[17:05] – Hunter offered a complimentary Zoom consultation before prospective clients booked appointments with him.

[19:22] – Why a pre-consultation can be very important.

[22:28] – Your consultation is a chance to excite prospective clients!

[25:03] – More insight about making clients comfortable.

[26:01] – Always improving the experience gives you a reason to raise prices.

[27:34] – Challenge creates opportunity!

[29:43] – Read your guests so that you can interpret what they want that day.

[31:08] – What Katie has been doing to make her clients comfortable.

[33:53] – Incorporate your personality into your salon experience!

[36:25] – Hunter builds his brand around low maintenance.

[39:49] – How to encourage clients to relax and enjoy quiet time during a lengthy appointment.

[40:58] – Hunter discusses setting boundaries.

[43:19] – Your client wants their hair to look good which you can't do if you're drained of energy.

[44:33] – Movies and shows are one way to keep clients occupied.

[47:11] – You can create a better experience for guests when you know them!

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