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Episode 71: Manifesting Success with Carlisha Duffey image

Carlisha Duffey is one of our 2020 Faces of Sola and the owner of Southern Girl Natural Hair Studio in Topeka, Kansas. As Carlisha puts it, her studio is a safe place for naturally curly hair. Carlisha is a woman who wears many hats, as she is not only a hairstylist but is also a trained figure skater, writer, photographer, published author and student. She joins us on the Sola Stories Podcast to discuss her experience as an independent salon owner and how she manages to balance it all. 

Carlisha shares how she got into the beauty industry, initially having done costuming, hair and makeup for Disney World! She goes into detail about how she established her Kansas salon location, and she also elaborates upon her why and the philosophy behind what she does in her studio.

She also talks about her skills as a photographer and how she came to shoot a cover featuring Tippi Shorter for Beauty Launchpad, and she looks toward the future and discusses what's next for her on the horizon. Tune in to be entertained and inspired by Carlisha's aspirational journey and endless success.


In This Episode

[0:46] – This episode's guest is Carlisha Duffey of Southern Girl Natural Hair Studio!

[2:40] – Learn about Carlisha's journey in the beauty industry.

[4:58] – How Carlisha got her cosmetology license

[5:52] – Discover how Carlisha established her Topeka, Kansas location.

[7:58] – Starting this journey was scary for Carlisha, and she had to take a leap of faith.

[10:20] – Carlisha is now a mentor for up-and-coming salon owners.

[13:17] – Carlisha shares her why behind her studio.

[16:07] – Carlisha's philosophy about styling hair and how her studio is a judgment-free zone.

[18:22] – Carlisha explains the meaning behind her motto – Your hair is a crown that you never take off.

[20:33] – What being one of the Faces of Sola means to Carlisha.

[23:28] – Carlisha was fired from a traditional salon because of pursuing her own salon.

[27:04] – Carlisha has such an incredible story!

[28:58] – Carlisha compares her studies in school to the X-Men.

[31:17] – Learn about Carlisha's talent as a photographer.

[34:02] – Carlisha's multiple skills meant that she was able to pivot on set.

[37:06] – Carlisha is able to accomplish her goals even when she is outside of her comfort zone.

[38:42] – How Carlisha came to shoot a cover for Beauty Launchpad.

[41:21] – Carlisha knew what she wanted in her life and made it happen by asking for it.

[44:20] – What's next for Carlisha!

[45:20] – Carlisha's book Begin Again is out now, and Shampoo Girl is coming soon!

[48:59] – How listeners can connect with Carlisha.

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