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Episode 77: Education and Entrepreneurship with John Mosley image

John Mosley, also known as Mr. Popular Nobody, is one of the most iconic and sought-after barbers in the industry. John is the founder and CEO of his own brand Popular Nobody and the current artistic director of John Paul Mitchell Systems. He has been named Top 100 Industry Game Changers by Modern Salon Magazine as well as Barber Educator of the Year by Barbershop Connect. Although he wears many hats, John always makes time to pour love and inspiration back into his community and the greater beauty industry. 

We are so grateful to call John a friend and a true supporter of the Sola family. He has been on the Sessions stage twice before, and we are thrilled to have him join us virtually at The Sola Sessions Reimagined on Monday, September 27th. 

Tune in to learn about John’s background, his journey creating and growing his brand, and get inspired by his passion for education. 


In This Episode

[1:38] - John Mosley (@popularnobody) is one of the top and highly sought-after barbers in the industry.

[3:51] - John is a big believer in friends for life. He keeps people close to him.

[5:08] - He was playing college football and decided it wasn’t for him. He followed in the footsteps of his family members in the beauty industry. 

[6:39] - John explains how he was loyal to the barbershop he worked in until he was able to open his own.

[10:23] - You can’t be successful until you start. John keeps it real on social media to avoid influencing the next generation with disillusion.

[12:54] - Our minds are trained to crave instant gratification, but John explains the importance of patience and long term goals.

[14:02] - Lean into education opportunities in the industry.

[15:19] - John appreciates the process over the end result. His advice is to fall in love with the process in building your business.

[16:53] - Branding is not just a logo. It is an identity.

[18:24] - Maximize your opportunities to build your brand.

[20:06] - John offers a branding course and discusses the importance of aligning everything.

[26:16] - Many times, we create our own anxiety.

[28:37] - In this industry, we put our customers first, sometimes to a fault. How can you do small things to put yourself first?

[30:43] - John is passionate about educating others and gives his classes everything he’s got.

[32:56] - Education has many more impacts than just getting better at your craft.

[33:40] - John shares his thoughts about Sola Sessions and the Sola Family.

[34:53] - What can you expect from John at the upcoming Sola Sessions?

[36:17] - Being innovative and a role model are what keeps John motivated.

[38:01] - Find The Popular Nobody App on Android and Apple device app stores.

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