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Episode 80: The Future is Sola image

On this episode of Sola Stories, we are joined by four new Faces of Sola - Ashlie Inman, Tish Clark, Serina Battaglini and Alyssa Wiener. These ladies all have unique experiences with Sola, but all share one vision of the future: their future with Sola. From feeling the freedom, confidence, and support of being a Sola entrepreneur, to the hopeful and positive impact of diversity and inclusivity for their clients, Ashlie, Tish, Serena, and Alyssa share their excitement for the future.

The last 18 months have been filled with challenges, fear, and uncertainty. Listen now to discover how these ladies made it through the pandemic, how they were able to shift and grow as salon owners. Find out what Sola means to them and how their future is looking brighter every day.


In This Episode

[1:21] - Alissa and Tish share what excites them most about her future with Sola.

[2:22] - Serena has gained a lot of confidence since starting with Sola. She knows she can accomplish more and has no limits on her dreams.

[3:09] - With Sola, Ashley knows she wants to dive into education and knows she can with Sola.

[4:14] - All four ladies share when and why they started with Sola.

[5:05] - During lockdowns in the Covid-19 pandemic, Sola was extremely supportive.

[6:47] - Tish has been with Sola for five years and shares her journey and confidence.

[8:30] - Alissa describes her fight or flight mode and her draw to Sola.

[11:30] - The industry has experienced huge shifts, especially in mindset. Tish expresses her vision for the future of Sola.

[12:20] - Serena thinks the future will hold lower maintenance and natural looks.

[14:00] - Sola encourages everyone to love themselves and this includes clients.

[15:35] - Being diverse and size-inclusive is important and impactful.

[17:00] - Because of being one-on-one, clients feel physically safe and love the connection with their stylist.

[18:30] - With Sola, you’re able to make these important connections and share these special moments with their clients.

[20:07] - The future of Sola is freedom to be who you are and to deliver an experience that is catered to you and your clientele.

[21:14] - Serena being in Canada, shares how uncommon salon suites are

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