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Episode 83: Staying Educated and Energized Behind the Chair with Tish Clark image

Our guest on this Sola Stories episode is the one and only Tish Clark. Tish is one of 2021 Faces of Sola, the owner of Phormula 708 Studios and has been in the beauty industry for 15 years. Believe it or not, Tish started her education and career as a chef, but over the years discovered that she was meant for more than being behind-the-scenes. Through continued education and a hunger for standing out as her true authentic self, Tish found her home and a sense of belonging with Sola and has never looked back.

Listen to hear all about Tish’s inspiring story and feel her joy and contagious energy. Starting your own business and becoming an independent salon owner can be scary, but Tish chose to lean into courage. She had faith and took the first step, and now her dream of freedom, education and independent salon ownership have come true.



In This Episode

[1:05] - Tish shares her background and how she entered into the beauty industry.

[3:55] - She realized she wasn’t meant for being behind-the-scenes.

[5:03] - Tish knows her calling is to make sure people are taken care of.

[7:00] - Growing up, Tish wanted to stand out and be in charge. She had a strong sense of self.

[9:34] - Working in various salons, Tish stood out as she does, but the salons didn’t see how she fit them. That was a driving force for Tish to go independent with Sola.

[12:03] - It is okay to be excited and scared at the same time. Decide which one to lean into.

[14:44] - From the first time Tish discovered Sola, she felt the courage of the tribe stepping out on their own.

[16:56] - Tish attributes her motivation and lack of burnout to constant education and trying new things.

[19:34] - Tish is an educator for Matrix. She shares why she was drawn to this brand.

[22:10] - Think, dream, dare is a slogan for Matrix and Tish lives it. 

[23:41] - If you are thinking about it, you already want it. Get started with Sola.

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