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Episode 87: Quick Tips to Boost End-of-Year Revenue image

With the end of the year quickly approaching, we wanted to help you think of creative ways to end your year #SolaStrong. Even if things seem to get more and more hectic each day as the holidays approach, there are simple ways to increase your revenue in these last few weeks of 2021 and even propel you into the new year! 

Sales trends and data are showing that people are making up for the lack of “normal” holiday celebrations in 2020  in big ways and that could mean an opportunity for you to help your clients while bringing in more revenue for yourself as well. It’s the little things that keep people coming back, spending more and helping to increase your overall bottom line. Tune in to this Quick Tip to learn ways to boost your end-of-year revenue and end this year with a bang.


In This Episode

[1:03] - This is the time of year to make a big portion of your revenue.

[2:30] - Your revenue is the result, not the reason.

[4:00] - The first tip is to make sure you are communicating to your clients that you have openings and get them coming back in.

[4:40] - Gift cards are an excellent way to boost your revenue. There are a lot of gift card promotions you could offer as well.

[6:59] - Referrals are great, but what if your client gets someone a giftcard to see you?

[8:06] - Added retail options are a good idea during this time of year as well to give people the opportunity to shop for gifts in your salon.

[10:29] - The way you decorate and arrange products can make a huge difference on sales.

[12:29] - You can also offer incentives for purchasing gift baskets.

[14:28] - Jennie shares a charity raffle basket idea that has been very successful.

[15:55] - How can you use the holiday season to pre-book for 2022?

[17:20] - Think about upselling to have your clients show themselves a little more love.

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