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Episode 90: Choosing Joy During the Holidays image

In this episode, Face of Sola Drew Inge joins us to spread the holiday spirit. You might know him as Do My Hair Drew on Instagram and TikTok where you can find some of the most hilarious and entertaining hairdresser-themed videos, but Drew is so much more than a rock star educator or social media influencer. Drew has become a source of inspiration for thousands in the beauty industry. He continues to show up for everyone in his life: from his clients and his Sola neighbors to his own friends and family. He hosts donation drives, Secret Santa gift exchanges for his Sola location, and even just leaves nice little snacks in the breakroom just to make someone’s day. We couldn’t think of anyone more fitting to join us on the Sola Stories Podcast to spread a little cheer and joy than Drew! 

In this episode, Drew shares the meaning of the holidays for him and why he chooses to have and share so much joy. The reality is that the holidays can be a difficult time for some people, and a little love, light and laughter can go a long way. 


In This Episode

[2:01] - It is so important to Drew to show up for everyone - he even completed this interview from his car!

[3:25] - The holidays, in general, are special to Drew and he decked everything out in his salon in November. He shares a personal story that changed his perspective.

[5:43] - You never know what someone is going through and many people suffer in silence during the holidays.

[6:24] - The way we show up is a decision. Where does Drew find the strength to show up consistently?

[8:05] - Drew shares some of the things he does in his salon to boost the holiday spirit.

[9:48] - Drew keeps a tight schedule and explains how he prioritizes.

[11:47] - In order to show up for others, you have to prioritize self care.

[13:24] - Ways to bring cheer to the salon do not have to be complicated. Drew shares some easy ideas to get you started off small.

[15:41] - Drew shares a tip on keeping books full without having last minute cancellations as well as some things he does to keep the holiday spirit alive with his clients.

[17:08] - Knowing how he manages the holidays, Drew plans ahead so his investments don’t hit the bottom line.

[18:03] - Drew loves using music and lights for the holiday experience.

[19:03] - Think about what someone else is going through behind closed doors and help spread joy through your awareness and understanding.


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