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Episode 92: Make 2022 the Year of You with Dawn Bradley image

As 2021 comes to an end, it’s time to take a deep breath and recharge. But with the added pressure of setting goals for the new year, taking time to rest after the holiday rush is often easier said than done. Our guest, Dawn Bradley, is here to help remind us that we can’t take care of others before taking care of ourselves first.

Dawn is a hairstylist, educator, business coach and host of The Anxious Creative Podcast where she regularly has conversations about living with anxiety and the dreaded imposter syndrome. Dawn joins us today to talk about recovering from the holiday craze in a time where we’re still adjusting to a constantly changing new normal. She shares best practices for setting and keeping solid boundaries to avoid career burnout — post-holiday and year-round. Listen now to find out how you can practice active rest, hit the reset button and make 2022 the year of you!


In This Episode

[1:56] - Dawn is the host of The Anxious Creative Podcast and today’s topic is a needed conversation especially this time of year.

[3:42] - This year it is going to be easy to overextend yourself and tempting to take on more.

[5:20] - There is more pressure surrounding this year’s holiday season than in the past.

[6:17] - Dawn describes the shame spiral and how this can happen when there’s added pressure right now.

[9:11] - Dawn explains the difference between doing nothing and active rest.

[12:01] - Find the thing that makes you forget you have a phone.

[14:15] - What works for one person won’t always work for others. Remember that if you feel exhausted after doing something, it isn’t rest.

[16:07] - Some people recharge by being alone and during the holidays this is challenging. Dawn explains that it is important to take care of yourself first.

[20:40] - Book yourself an appointment at the spa. You spend your year making others feel good and you deserve it, too.

[22:20] - Your worth and value are so much more than what you can do for other people.

[23:53] - Creating hard boundaries and sticking to a vacation schedule can make a huge difference in your self-care and recharging.

[25:04] - No one will respect your boundaries if you don’t respect them yourself.

[27:02] - The starting signs of burnout are bitterness and feeling annoyed with your clients and internal negativity towards something you used to love.

[29:41] - Visualization is a simple tool you can use to keep yourself from feeling drained from certain clients.

[32:15] - Life and business are interconnected.

[34:17] - Dawn writes down and speaks aloud mantras that have been impactful.

[35:18] - Dawn is hosting a free five-day business building bootcamp. It is all from the perspective of growing your business while taking care of yourself.

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