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Episode 97: Setting Salon Policies with Joey Figueiredo image

As you think about the ways you can work smarter in your salon this year, it is natural to think about setting boundaries and creating salon policies. By creating and implementing salon policies, you are putting rules in place to help define your boundaries with yourself and with your clients. Salon policies will help you create a safe, organized and fair environment in your salon. Policies also help you set expectations with your clients which will essentially help protect you and your business. 

Today’s guest comes to us from Prarie Village, Kansas where he runs his business in a double-sized Sola studio. Joey Figueiredo is one of our Faces of Sola, an educator, content creator, photographer, and when it comes to retail, Joey could sell ice to an eskimo. Recently, Joey was featured by Modern Salon in an article he wrote about salon policies, so we couldn’t wait to bring him on to the podcast to dive deeper into this hot topic with us.  



In This Episode:

[2:04] - Joey started with Sola in 2013 and works hard to maintain healthy boundaries.

[3:56] - Policies hold both clients and salon owners accountable.

[5:18] - Joey admits that in the beginning, he let his clients walk all over him until he realized how much he was losing without policies.

[7:30] - There are certain things that you need to understand to value the monetary worth of your time.

[8:55] - Start with what you are comfortable with. Copy policies from another salons and tweak as you go.

[10:34] - Your booking methods could be a policy and be firm in the way you want to run your business and schedule.

[12:03] - Joey describes his cancellation policy and the challenges that Covid poses on it.

[13:18] - Educate your clients on your policies and why they are important.

[18:24] - Covid policies can be very tricky because of the polarizing opinions surrounding it.

[20:01] - Joey meets his clients where they are comfortable.

[23:55] - How you accept payment is something you also need to be clear about.

[26:41] - Joey has very clear new client policies as well.

[28:34] - Your cancellation policy during the holiday season is extremely important.

[31:18] - Joey and Jennie discuss tardiness and the impact it can have on your day.

[33:18] - Regarding communicating your policies, Joey recommends having it in writing.

[35:01] - Joey addresses losing clients.

[38:12] - You should be open about policies. Talking about them should not be a behind-the-scenes talk.

[40:15] - The effects of Covid were actually positive for Joey in changing his work mindset.

[43:21] - More and more people are becoming more flexible.

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How to Set Healthy Client Boundaries and Sane Salon Policies by Joey Figueiredo on Modern Salon