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Polly Sanders-Peterson

Salon Name:


Sola Location:

Sola Studios Cherry Creek

How many years have you been in the salon industry?

Just celebrated my 50th year!

How many years have you been at Sola?

10 years in August this year

What do you specialize in and what do you like most about your career?

I love people!! It’s an honor to serve them and meet their hair needs and product needs!! I never get tired of greeting and seeing friends daily in my salon...what a life!! The opportunity to earn a great living by providing hair services to many clients over the years and still working 4-5 days weeks is great! Most of my clients have been coming to me over 35 years. I can’t think of anything better than having coffee, tea with friends while meeting their hair needs and product needs!! I hope it goes on and on. I specialize in all hair types/especially frizzy, curly, rebellious hair. Building lasting relationships!! Providing great service and meeting time demands of busy professionals!!

Why did you decide to make the move to Sola Salon Studios?

After losing my salon, I almost lost my confidence!! After meeting Matt and Stratton, Matt spoke a word into my heart. He said, “Have you ever had to start over again?” “Yes,” I said. He said, “You can do it again.” And I’m doing it. Confidence returned, and my clients returned and I’m taking more money home at Sola than when I had employees!! It is great!! And I’m so thankful for all the help/encouragement and support I get at Sola!! Thanks Sola Team and Thanks Matt and Stratton, you are the best!

What is your favorite thing about your studio?

It is intimate and cozy, and I can handle all the care of my clients’ needs. It’s a great space!! Also, I love the fact that when I travel, I always return to a clean space at Sola and never have to worry if things are going wrong or not cared for when I’m away! I love it. I wish I had it earlier in my career!!! It’s the perfect place to have interaction with other stylists!

What do your clients think about your studio?

My clients love the coziness and individual attention, and privacy of our studios!! It’s just them, me, and great hair!! Coffee, tea and great conservations!! What a life, but someone’s got to live it!

How has being at Sola changed your life personally and professionally?

Being at Sola has taught me that I don’t need huge staffing, mega product lines or major over head!! I just need my Studio, clients, products, phone and my tools and I’m set. Wow!! Where were you 20 years ago? I love it, it’s the best!!

What does being a part of the Sola 5,000 mean to you?

Eventually better buying power! And a louder voice in our industry with what matters to us the stylist!! This concept is just what we needed. Thanks Sola…keep it gong!