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Episode 46: From Recovery To Thriving With Michael Cole + Steven Wren image

Financial guru Michael Cole and 2020 Faces of Sola Steven Wren teamed up to teach us four steps to embody the "Millionaire Mindset" and create a thriving, long-lasting business. Steven, owner of Steven Brandon Hair Studio in Chicago, IL, shares his journey to becoming an independent salon owner and how he makes it work in this COVID whirlwind we call. He also talks about his dreams and goal of opening his own barber school to give back and inspire the next generation of barbers.

Listen, as Michael shares strategies to create good financial habits and walks us through the four-rule “millionaire mindset.” The four-step process is: 

  1. Give yourself a raise
  2. Pay yourself first
  3. Pay down your debt 
  4. Spend less than you make

Steven also shares how he has specifically leaned into these tools to support his finances through the pandemic. As a salon owner, Steven has continued to bet on himself, and once he saw success, growth, and prosperity, it gave him the courage to continue moving forward with the mindset of these four rules. Steven has allowed himself to pivot and reach for his dreams, because how you handle your money is how you handle your life.

Watch the full webinar with Michael and Steven here or in the Sola Pro app.

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In This Episode

[00:39] Welcome to the show, Steven! 

[02:05] Steven shares his journey to Sola.

[04:46] How nerve-wracking was it to walk away from healthcare and go to barber school?

[07:09] Steven saw the potential in the beauty industry and made sure he got to know the right people to help mentor him.

[08:26] Steven discusses why he took the leap to Sola.

[10:44] Steven shares what his next steps are and his goals.

[14:31] The four-rule mindset is giving yourself a raise, paying yourself first, paying down your debt, and spending less than you make.

[15:45] What does giving yourself a raise look like to you?

[19:00] Steven discusses what paying himself first means to him.

[21:40] Steven shares how he handles debt in his life.

[23:55] Steven talks about the discipline he uses to control his spending.

[25:13] How we handle our money is how we handle our life.

[26:37] Steven speaks about what he would say to someone hesitant about leaping to work for themselves.

[28:56] Thank you for being on the show!

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