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Give your salon a fall makeover featured image

Each season is an opportunity to freshen up your studio look and feel. Even the smallest seasonal touches can go a long way in making your salon feel festive and bright as the days get shorter. 

Fall is a great time to pump up the ambiance to bring in the buzz of the holiday season. Who doesn’t love pumpkins, gourds and candy for October? Or maybe the more subtle and chic fall toned flower bouquets and cinnamon essential oils are more up your alley. 


Whatever your salon style, we’ve got some ideas for how to make your salon studio festive this autumn

Get Inspired By Nature

Autumn welcomes the harvest season, symbolized by a bounty of pumpkins, gourds, apples, pears and other fall flavors. Grab a few beautiful mini pumpkins, sprinkle cinnamon oil over a cluster of pinecones, or bring in a basket of apples to create an autumn decor. 

Use a nice bowl or tray from your house or a thrift shop to cluster your items on a table or shelf in your salon that can use a little fall feature. Remember, simple is beautiful. Don’t let it get too chaotic. 

If you have any large glass jars, mini pumpkins, gourds or apples look particularly festive when piled in there and displayed on a shelf. 


Offer Fall Food and Drinks

Harvest season is also a great time for festive flavors, which serve a dual purpose in creating ambiance and feeding your clients and yourself! Who doesn’t love to graze over some seasonal snacks during a day of beauty pampering? 


Some ideas include:

  • A fresh bowl of red apples. These are great for snacking on yourself and offering to clients and/or their kids.
  • Dried pears - these won’t go bad if sitting out in a serving dish, which makes them a great option for having out all day
  • Honey sticks in a jar - these are super cute and also great for when people are fighting off those fall colds! 
  • Candy - who doesn’t love a little candy in October? This is the one time of year you can get away with serving almost any kind of candy. 
  • Tea - it’s tea season again! Make sure you are stocked with both caffeinated and herbal options. There’s nothing more soothing than coming to an appointment and getting offered hot tea. Try seasonal flavors with cinnamon, licorice and other spices.
  • Cinnamon sticks for hot drinks - stick these into a tea for a festive twist. Your clients will be impressed at the fancy hot drink with just a little something extra.
  • Made to order hot apple cider - try buying the packets! Throw a cinnamon stick in here too to up the mocktail game. Or offer to add booze to really kick it up a notch.
  • A fancy bowl of nuts - candied or plain; reuse something you already have or hit a thrift shop to pick up some cute serving dishes. 
  • A dish of candy corn - looks so cute on the counter, and screams fall festivities! 

Light Candles 

As the days get shorter and cooler, candles become a warm and cozy way to fill any room with sweet scents and that beautiful candlelit experience. Pick up one or two delicious smelling candles with autumn-inspired scents. Maybe a warm apple pie, a cinnamon or cedarwood spice candle to make your salon smell like the season. 


Paint Pumpkins 

While carving pumpkins is fun, it's not exactly salon studio decor, as they get smelly and rotten sitting inside all carved up. A better way to preserve pumpkin decor in the spirit of the season is to either use pumpkins plain or to paint them with festive colors and designs. There are fun tutorials on different pumpkin painting techniques, but we love splashes of metallic paint and bright color pops in our pumpkin decorating schemes. We recommend miniature pumpkins, as they are cute, less expensive and easier to sneak into your salon displays. 



Mums the Word

Replace your summer flowers with potted mums - the perfect seasonal flower for fall. Capture the changing of the season by bringing it into the vibe of your salon studio as fresh, vibrant chrysanthemums, which serve as the perfect late-season bloomer. 


Choose Your Color Palette

The key to any good seasonal decor is staying within the parameters of a good color palette. For autumn, it is best to stick to neutral shades, as well as oranges, yellows, reds and browns to match the changing fall colors and more muted landscapes. When choosing decor, make sure to stay within a reasonably small color palette, highlighting colors that work seasonally. 

There are many creative ways to get festive for fall without breaking the bank. Your clients will love the small touches, which will make them feel warm and welcome in a seasonally curated salon. Not to mention, the festive fall energy will revive your daily work environment, bringing scents, tastes and decor to freshen up your autumn experience. 

It is good to shift your surroundings every now and then so that decor, setting and style do not ever grow stale or stagnant. With these seasonal tips for fall, you can bring in fresh autumn energy without an interior overhaul or overspending. 


Remember that your studio should look and feel great - welcoming and inviting, chic and hip, open and authentic - whatever your vibe is - prioritize making it feel just right for you.  

When it comes to decor - keep it simple and keep it beautiful. Add a few small touches honoring the seasonal shift and you’ll benefit from the fresh energy of moving with the seasons

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