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We are buzzing with excitement over our partnership with BeautyHive, a brand new, sweeter way for independent beauty pros to shop for salon essentials.

We’ve heard that stocking your salon’s backbar can be complex, inefficient, and impersonal. And because we always have your back at Sola, we’ve teamed up with BeautyHive to change that. 

BeautyHive puts not just independent salon professionals first, but Sola professionals first, because you deserve the very best. 

For the past year, the Sola and BeautyHive teams have talked to hundreds of Sola pros with one question: "How could your independent shopping experience be better?"

From the hassle of shopping in-store before or after your appointments to the reality of long wait times and expensive shipping on online orders, we knew those things had to change first. Cue BeautyHive's free, same-day shipping on most orders. 

Next, we learned of the woes of surprise backorders and unreliable supply, so BeautyHive created superior transparency over their inventory. 

Finally, we wanted to make shopping seamless, stress-free, and fun - this means easy returns, a happiness guarantee, and rewards that make loyalty not just worthwhile, but a no-brainer. 

Enter, BeautyHive.com, which prioritizes trustworthiness, efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, with loyalty benefits, Sola-exclusive perks, and customer care like no other. Imagine an online shopping experience that will keep your backbar and shelves fully stocked with perks that make life easier as an independent salon owner, including: 

  • A Sola-exclusive welcome offer
  • Same-day shipping on most orders
  • Free shipping on orders of $99+
  • Up to 4% back on every order 

Free Same-Day Shipping

In preparing BeautyHive.com to serve Solapreneurs, efficiency had to come first. For you, a busy salon owner (slash a million other hats you wear on a daily basis), this means never having to waste time in the store again. That’s why BeautyHive offers free same-day shipping on most orders, so you can cut out the errands, and still have your products as soon as possible, at no extra cost, streamlined and delivered straight to your door. 


Independents make the world a more beautiful place, so it's only right you get rewarded for all of the hard work you put in every day. BeautyHive offers up to 4% back on every order, no matter how small, with the Hive Rewards program. Hive Rewards can be redeemed for dollar-off discounts on future purchases, putting money back into your pocket. As a Sola pro, you will be privy to Sola-exclusive double points days and promotions, meaning your rewards stack up quicker.  

100% Happiness Guarantee

BeautyHive understands that independent salon owners have one of the hardest jobs in the world, so they strive to make your life easier! Their 100% happiness guarantee on all orders ensures that you love everything you use and sell, or they'll make it right. No hassles. No headaches. No long waits. Order with peace of mind, every time.

Real-Time Inventory Checks 

As for reliability, BeautyHive surpasses all other beauty wholesalers with our real-time inventory checks. In other words - product availability is confirmed before you place your order, cutting out the frustration of surprise backorders. 

When it comes to stocking your backbar, we know there's little room for error. With BeautyHive, rest assured that your salon supplies will ship fast and arrive on time.

Sola Pro Perks 

We are thrilled to offer perks specific to Sola professionals, including: 

  • A Sola-exclusive welcome offer
  • Double points days
  • Exclusive brand education
  • Specials and promotions specific to Sola

This platform was created specifically to fit the needs of independent salon owners, and is the first professional beauty retailer to put Sola professionals front and center. We want to cut out trips to the store, offer serious cost savings, benefits, and rewards, unlike any shopping experience. Together, Sola and BeautyHive have your back (and backbar) covered, so you can focus more on doing what you love.

Sign up for BeautyHive today for an exclusive offer just for Sola professionals.

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