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Who can believe that 2018 is more than halfway done? Doesn’t it seem every year, time passes faster and faster? Right now’s a great time to revisit your New Year’s goals for achieving your dreams, both in and outside your Sola studio.

Some of this is about celebrating your wins, but as the boss, it’s equally important holding yourself accountable. 

With that in mind, SolaGenius has your four-step action plan for boosting productivity during 2018’s remaining months.

1. Reviewing Your Resolutions

A salon pro’s goals might include increasing the average service ticket…pre-booking more appointments…launching new products or a referral program…and better yet, enjoying leisurely Saturdays outside your studio.

Whether you made one big resolution or many, revisit your list and see what you’ve managed to accomplish. And not to nag, but it’s also crucial to honestly ask yourself what’s yet to be done or hasn’t worked? 

Are the ones you managed to stick with helping create the life you truly want? As for those where no progress is seen, ask yourself why not? Could it be the resolution no longer makes sense? Were you too ambitious? Is it something deeper, like a family situation or lack of motivation?

Revising your list is a-ok. Progress often means taking baby steps for that big leap forward.

2. Measuring + Celebrating Success 

For goals embraced early this year, want to know EXACTLY how you fared? 

Fancy marketing gurus refer to this as KPI - it’s short for key performance indicators. Pros using SolaGenius automatically get their customized deets: average ticket/service, retail per client visit, gratuity, repeat booking rate, and more – impossible to know when using other payment apps.

SolaGenius makes it easy to see your results by tapping into its analytics feature to access every penny you earned and spent. Check out our earlier post on how-tos right here

Another tip: use your SolaGenius calendar by scheduling “appointments” with yourself to make progress toward achieving your goals. Seeing is believing and you’re more likely to make it happen.

3. Beautify Your Bottom Line

Isn’t boosting your bank account always a resolution? For $240 each year, SolaGenius is 44% less expensive than other booking sites and it does so much beyond scheduling 24/7. 

Did you know SolaGenius offers the lowest payment processing rates in the industry? That’s right, 2.6% flat! No key-in, transfer or hidden fees. If you see 5 clients a day 200 days a year, those savings add up very quickly. Added bonus: quick next-day transfers.

And let’s remember who works for who: SolaGenius requires no effort from your guests, as other apps require them to download transactional software. Put yourself in their chair: wouldn’t you rather use remaining MB on something tapped more than six times a year?

4. It Takes Money Honey!

Wise words above from beauty maven Georgette Mosbacher, who went from working three jobs throughout college to outright owning skincare companies La Prairie and Borghese. 

Isn’t creating your yearly list all about being the best you? From re-launching retail to redecorating your studio, have you set aside a budget to meet your goals? For example, if you want to boost your retail business, can you fund new product plus promotional samples?

SolaGenius drives more business through your door. Amp your online booking presence and leverage its marketing features (hello exclusive text features!) to keep clients returning for services and products alike. 

Take it from Studio K’s Kelsey Morris in Columbus, Ohio. This Sola stylist sent a mass text message to her clients through SolaGenius about available appointments. Within ONE hour, she locked in 15 appointments resulting in more than $1500 in final sales. Score! Learn how she did it here.

Might we suggest one last resolution? If you’re heading to September’s Sola Sessions in Chicago and you’ve yet to sign into SolaGenius, stop by our lounge. We’re there to help you max your mobile tech for making every moment count!

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