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How to be more efficient in your salon

We hear so many different reasons why people are obsessed with SolaGenius. Whether it’s the user-friendly online booking or game-changing expense management, there are so many reasons to love the all-in-one salon management app. Here are a few ways SolaGenius helps our beauty professionals be more efficient in their salon.

Get Discovered and Grow Your Business

Facebook Online Booking

It is important to be where your customers are and nowadays it’s more common for people to look you up on social media before they even see your website. Facebook recently rolled out a new feature which allows you to add your online booking URL directly on your Facebook business page so you can cut out an extra step of online searching before they book. 


You probably know that with SolaGenius you get your own online booking website, but did you know that using SolaGenius can also help you get discovered online by new clients? It’s called BookNow, launched earlier this year, and allows consumers to search and book appointments with SolaGenius users directly on solasalons.com! Learn more about BookNow here. 

Most Valuable Clients

SolaGenius has made it easy for you to identify your top 10 most valuable clients in just a few taps! Use this report to understand who your most loyal customers are. Using this feature you can determine are how much revenue each client has brought to you, so you know who's the most valuable to your business.


Making your business stand out online is more important than ever. SolaGenius just made it even easier for your business to stand out online with the new website gallery feature allowing you to upload an unlimited amount of images. Give new and existing clients confidence when booking services they may not have gotten from you before with an online portfolio full of beautiful images and descriptions of what you have to offer.  

Stay Organized & In Control 

Expense Management

Keep your finances in check with the expense management and tracking. With the expense management feature, you can easily catalog and find all of your expenses and receipts in the app, making tax-time simple and ensure you are continually turning a profit. 

Inside the app, you’ll find a brand new section called "Expenses." Easily track what, why, how much and when you’ve spent money. You can also categorize your expenses utilizing preset or customized categories (for example, rent, utilities, supplies, inventory, etc.). After a business expense, snap a picture or upload one from your camera roll and store your receipts right in the app attached to each expense. With the new reporting tool, you’ll be able to quickly determine what you’re spending and how profitable you are, without the headache of spreadsheets or shoeboxes of receipts

Color-Coded Calendar

With SolaGenius’s new color-coded calendar feature, you can now organize and color code each service on your calendar to help you understand your day at a glance. Choose from a selection of 18 beautiful colors to help keep you more organized. We love this feature to help you organize multiple types of appointments in a service category.

Client Control

Be in control of your books with the option to ban certain clients from booking you online. This is perfect for repeat no-show offenders. With client control, you can stay focused on your MVCs (most valuable clients) and not the ones who aren’t serious or constantly cancel. With the tap of a button, you can add or remove clients to your online booking “blacklist.”

With so many well-thought-out features, SolaGenius allows you to streamline your business management so you can focus on what you love. Sign up for a 30-day free trial today! 

Already a SolaGenius user? Let us know what your favorite features are in the comments below!

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