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Congratulations! You're a salon suite owner. So, how do you take full advantage of the opportunity you have and create the income and freedom you really want in your salon business?
After owning 3 salons and coaching hundreds of independent hairstylists and salon suite owners, I can assure you, it will take more great hairstyling ability. Click the video and discover the 3 things you'll need in your salon business to truly be successful and create the income and freedom you've always wanted.

Click here to get a FREE copy of my 12-page Salonpreneur™ Success Blueprint.

About the Blogger: Alex B. Jones, M.B.A. is owner of Revive Salon in Sola Charlotte and is a Salon Suite Coach who helps salon suite owners, booth renters and independent contractors get more clients, make more money so they can finally live their dreams.

For more from Alex B. Jones, The Salon Business Coach, please visit alexbjones.com.

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