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How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 5 Easy Steps image

Whether you’re just starting out at Sola, or you’ve been working for yourself for many years, a Facebook page is an easy way to make your salon visible on the web, help you stay connected with your clients and enable you to share important information about specials or open appointment slots. Chances are, you already have a personal Facebook account, but if you don’t, create an account in order to access all of the features of a Facebook business page. Once you’ve logged into your personal account, it’s time to get started.


Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Click on the box for “Local Business or Place,” and in the first drop-down menu, click “Spas/Beauty/Personal Care.” Then fill in your salon’s name, address and phone number. Agree to the terms, and click “Get Started.” Follow Facebook’s prompts to add a profile picture and some basic information and to “Like” your page. Don’t invite email contacts yet, though. Wait until your page is finished, so you make a great first impression.

Facebook will prompt you to share your first status update, which you can choose to do now, or wait until a little bit later. Before you share your new business page with your friends, family and clients, it’s a good idea to have several status updates, photos, and linked articles in your timeline, so they have something to look at when they check you out. Next, review your page’s permissions by going to the “Edit” page, then clicking on “Manage Permissions.” The default settings are usually sufficient, but take a few minutes to review them and make sure they are right for you.


Add a visually interesting cover photo by clicking the “Add a Cover” button, then select “Upload Photo.” This step’s important. Your work makes people feel good about themselves, of course, but you also make them look fabulous. You want your Facebook page to look fabulous, too. You can upload any standard photo into the cover photo space, and position it to fit properly. Remember, the layout is horizontal, so pick something that will look good in a horizontal space. After you’ve added a cover photo, it’s time to add some photo albums. Include photos of your actual salon studio, or an album of before-and-after shots. This is a great place to show off your skills and talent.


You’ve already added a small blurb about your salon, but it’s a great idea to take full advantage of the space you have on your “About” page. Go to your “About” page and click on the “Edit Page” button, then hit “Update Info.” Add your mission statement, specialties, web address, and anything else that will show potential clients what your salon is all about.


Now that you’ve written your “About” page, added photos, managed your permissions, and linked your website, it’s time to share your page with the world! You can do this by using Facebook’s “Share with Contacts” widget. Or, you can send an email to your clients from your salon email address sharing the link for your new Facebook page. It’s a good idea to offer an incentive to motivate people to like your page. Offer a percent off coupon, or an upgraded service for everyone who “Likes” your page. You can also offer the chance to win exclusive products or a free service, and pick one winner from everyone who likes your page. Incentives are motivating and a great way to drum up interest in your Facebook page.


Creating it was the easy part. Now it’s time for the up-keep. Similar to how amazing highlights require regular attention, your Facebook business page does, too. Share photos of your work. Update your friends about your new skills and qualifications. Share interesting articles on new products and styles. The sky’s the limit for how involved you get with your business page. Just remember, stay positive, stay professional, and stay engaged.