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Daniel mason jones fb live wide no date

When you can't connect in-person with your clients, it's more important than ever to find new ways to create connection through virtual platforms. Social media is such a powerful tool to connect and engage with your clients from afar, especially Lives via Facebook and Instagram because they provide a unique opportunity to still experience that live, human interaction without having to leave your home. Lives also have been proven to help build your audience, engagement and overall influence on social media.

If you've never gone live before, or are still new to this type of marketing, it can be intimidating. But we've said it before and we'll say it again - you have to get uncomfortable to grow. So we teamed up with SalonCentric educator, celebrity hairdresser, and social media guru, Daniel Mason-Jones, on a Facebook Live to share his tried and true tips for implementing successful and engaging Facebook and Instagram Lives.

“We all know that we have something to share with people, and right now is our chance to take people out of the news cycle, to get them out of negative spaces, and to share positivity and light with the world. After all, we are in the beauty business and it’s our job is to empower other people,” Daniel shared during his Facebook Live. 

In case you missed it, we've recapped his top 10 tips to hosting a successful Facebook or Instagram Live below. You can also rewatch the entire recorded Live HERE.

1. Have a Game Plan 📝

“The biggest tip I can tell you before you go live, is that you must have a game plan, and know what you want your viewers to do from watching you live." Daniel stressed the importance of truly understanding your message, why you’re talking about it, and knowing what actions you want your viewers to take. By identifying the “why” behind the action, you’ll be able to relax and speak from the heart, and your authenticity that will translate to brand loyalty.

2. Use the Three C’s 👍

These are simple yet effective prompts you can use to encourage engagement throughout your Live.

  • CTA (Call to Action): Ask for a thumbs up or heart if viewers like what you’re saying.
  • CTS (Call to Share): Encourage viewers to share your message! Daniel caught people’s attention by addressing a giveaway he would do at the end of the segment. He said he would pick one winner who took a screenshot of the Live, shared it to their channels and tagged him in it. Easy and effective!
  • CTC (Call to Comment): Simply asking if your audience has questions is a great way to encourage engagement.

3. Have a Strong Intro 💪

“No one wants to watch a lethargic Live. When you press play, you’re on.” Holding your cup of coffee and saying you’re just going to wait a few more minutes for more people to join can make your intro weak and cause viewers to drop off before even getting to your main message. If you’re going live on your own page, there’s really no need to introduce yourself. Your audience knows who you are and they are there to hear you share your wisdom. So don't delay, start as soon as you press play!

4. Embrace Vulnerability & Know Fear is Natural 😰

“You have to push yourself. You need to be uncomfortable. You need to jump over fear and let people know what it is you’re passionate about." The first time Daniel went Live, he said he “literally felt like I was going to be sick… My chest got tight, I couldn’t breathe, and I kept thinking this is terrible.” But he didn’t let his fear get in the way. Because he knew his audience, was passionate about what he was sharing and was prepared, he ended up selling out three live classes and his brand began to evolve in new and exciting ways – all because he believed in his message more than he believed in the fear.

5. Eye Contact is Key 👀

Daniel shared a handy hack that will keep you out of your head and engaged with your audience. He suggested you grab a sticky note, write the topics you want to discuss on the note, and then cover your screen with it. This way, you’re not looking at yourself on the screen. Instead, you’re looking straight into the camera, creating a true connection with your audience.

6. Know Your Audience 🙋‍♀️

There are so many platforms in the social media space, and if you really want your Live to be effective, you have to dig deeper! It’s important you understand each platform’s demographics and that your content is relevant to the appropriate channel. Facebook’s target audience is 30+ years old, and Instagram’s is 25-34. Daniel said, “Facebook is a bit more sophisticated; Instagram is a bit of play, and Tik Tok is all play.” If you’re not sure what your audience wants to see and learn, simply ask via a social media poll.

7. Go from Being Top of Mind to Tip of Tongue 💬

You want your audience to be thinking about you all the time, and lives are the perfect avenue for this. Even if you can’t see them, let your customers know that you miss them and are thinking of them. “If you’re compelling, you’re going to attract new customers,” said Daniel. “The goal is to get people who know and love your brand to share your brand with their friends since they will most likely be your target audience as well.”

8. Check to Make Sure You Haven’t Been Shadowbanned 🙅‍♂️

If you’re not getting the engagement you want, there’s a chance you have been shadow banned. Being shadowbanned means your account has been blocked or partially blocked from being seen. This can happen for an array of reasons due to Facebook and Instagram's ever-changing policies. If you have been copying and pasting hashtags, Instagram or Facebook may have recognized you as a robot and put a ban on your page. There are lots of free services that can identify if your page has been banned and help you clean it up, including Triberr.

9. Be Aware of Time & Use Your Friends ⏰

Generally speaking, try to keep your Live between 5-10 minutes if it’s your first time and/or if you have fewer than 30,000 followers. Another trick if you’re going live for the very first time (and want to make sure you don’t freeze on camera) is to text your friends to have them join and ask questions. This will keep you focused and guarantee engagement.

10. Have Fun! 😂

Use the Live as a way to really show your audience who are. Have fun connecting to the people you love in new and authentic ways! As Daniel said, “People won’t remember everything you say, but they feel the passion and the energy that you bring to them.” No matter what you say, if you’re having fun along the way, the rest will take care of itself.

For more tips on staying connected with your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, check out Coronavirus Communications With Your Clientele

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