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Co-authored with GlossGenius


Growing a beauty business isn’t just about keeping existing clients, it’s also about attracting new clients. How can you do both?

It's easy - use the power of reviews!

  • Give Potential Clients Confidence In Booking You: Reviews give potential clients access to feedback from other clients. Having a collection of detailed, positive reviews makes it more likely for potential clients to be confident in booking you!
  • Enable Existing Clients to be Heard: Reviews are a channel for your clients to voice their thoughts in a positive and meaningful way. Leaving a review is like a mini-investment - it increases client loyalty!


Step 1: Provide a Perfect Client Experience

It all starts with the experience you provide in your studio. When working with clients, be professional and efficient, from the moment they begin their booking experience all the way through the checkout process. Allow your clients to book on their time with 24/7 booking. Send notifications reminding clients of their upcoming appointments. Give them the royal treatment throughout their entire service. Make paying quick and easy. And finally, send thank you notes!

SolaGenius’s technology makes it so easy to streamline this process. We help you focus on making clients feel amazing so that they’ll leave wanting to let people know about it.

Step 2: Let Satisfied Clients Know That You Would Appreciate a Review

Emphasize benefits to them. For clients that walk away happy (don't they all?), let them know that you’ll be sending along a request for a review in a text message/email and would love to hear some feedback so that you know what they loved.

Make them feel influential. Your clients want to support you and your business. Let them know how grateful you'd be for a review; they’ll be helping potential clients to choose your salon, after all!

Consider offering an incentive to review. For example, mention that if they leave a review you’d be happy to give them 20% off of their next retail purchase. Reward them while moving a few products off the shelf and into their daily routines!

Asking for the review is even simpler with SolaGenius. Our technology helps you to send text/email receipts or follow-ups with a message reinstating how helpful a client review would be for your business, and how easy it is.

Step 3: Make It Super Easy and Quick For Clients to Leave a Review

Research shows that what clients hate the most about normally leaving a review is that it can be a long process with signing in, logging in, creating an account, and more.

With SolaGenius Reviews, clients don’t need to bother with any of that. Our technology means that it only takes clients 30 seconds to leave a review:

  • No accounts/signing up. Clients can leave reviews by clicking one link in emails/texts you can choose to send them (Settings > Reviews > Ask Clients to Review).
  • Multiple Exposure. Having multiple opportunities is key for getting a review from clients when it’s convenient. SolaGenius also offers clients the opportunity to leave reviews via the receipt, email receipt, and thank-you note.


Let’s do some best-case, worst-case scenario run throughs: Oh-no! A client has left a bad review. What should you do? Take a deep breath and don’t panic. You can use the feedback to make yourself a customer service goddess next time. Here’s how:

Step 1: In the SolaGenius reviews feature, you can “hide” reviews that you don’t want others to see. After all, why should you let a bad review tarnish your business? We’ve all been there with a tough client experience.

Step 2: Identify why the client was upset and how you can improve next time. Ask yourself: Are the client’s complaints reasonable? Do you think you could have done something differently? If the answer to both question is no, let it go. If the answer is yes, here’s what you should do to repair a client relationship after a bad experience:

  • Privately reach out to the client. Let them know you care about their experience and that you would be willing to fix what they’re not happy with free of charge.
  • Make a note of what the client was upset about in your client notes (Clients > Tap Client Name > Edit > Notes).

You’ve gotten an AMAZING review that has you feeling like a #solaboss. What do you do? You want to keep the good reviews rolling in, so it’s important to take steps to keep that cycle going. Here’s what you should do when you get a good review:

Step 1: Thank clients for the great review! Turn your notifications on so you know when a client reviews you. SolaGenius provides you with the “Notify Me of New Reviews” option (Settings > Notifications Center > Reviews). Clients who take the time to leave a positive review are more likely to be loyal to you and keep coming back. Reinforce that by thanking them for their kindness - either via text/email or the next time they visit.

Step 2: Promote the review on your website. Clients who book appointments because of reviews are also more likely to leave reviews -- which creates a positive feedback loop! This part’s easy, SolaGenius gives you control over whether or not you want to show reviews on your website. To Show Reviews, simply go to: Settings > Reviews > Show reviews on website.

To recap, here’s how using our reviews feature will help you to grow your business. SolaGenius will:

  • Make it really easy for clients to review you
  • Increase the number of reviews you get from clients
  • Hide Reviews That You’re Not Jazzed About
  • Customize Your Reviews Experience
  • Stay in Complete Control of Your Business Reviews

Want to try out all this amazing reviews feature? Check out SolaGenius.

Co-authored with GlossGenius

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