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Geniustalks most of 24 hours featuredimage

As a busy beauty professional, we know you’re constantly looking for new ways to manage your schedule more efficiently.

A wise man once said, “Beyonce has the same 24 hours we do. But she has a whole team behind her.”

For many of our Sola pros, that team comes in the form of an app called SolaGenius, the $20/month all-in-one business marketing and management tool designed specifically for Sola professionals.

We chatted with some of our trusted SolaGenius users to find out just exactly how SolaGenius helps them run their business and enjoy their life like Beyonces of Sola.

We asked, “What are your favorite SolaGenius features for managing your time effectively?”

They answered…

1. SolaGenius Is My Publicity Pro

“With a tap, I can do text and email blasts, helping me communicate service and product promotions. Clients love knowing what’s going on and it’s directly increased my revenue,” beams Nelly Weeks.

And with summer vacations coming up, it’s often necessary to stay (at least a little) connected while away. SolaGenius lets you proactively set some boundaries by handling client communications on your terms.

2. Accurate Bookings ALWAYS

Kelsey Morris notes, “We all have those clients who take too much time figuring out appointments. My schedule is on my website and she can easily see what’s mutually convenient. No more back and forth with the calls. Even when my phone is turned off, she can still schedule - or reschedule. It’s so simple.”

Elom Thompson echoed, “SolaGenius adds another level of professionalism to my business while making my life easier. I don’t have to check my phone or call each client to confirm. The app does it for me.”

3. One-Touch Bookkeeping + Accounting

When Ashley White, now one of our SolaGenius ambassadors, first joined Sola, she confessed she was using another app. “I was closing out a credit card machine as well as my books every night. This took anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes just to close out and I had to constantly run reports,” she said. Then I got an email saying that my $40 a month fee to have this was going up to $100! After that, I tried SolaGenius and it was so great. It is an all-in-one app. I don’t have to close out my day. All I have to do is just log out!”

Elom Thompson chimed in, “Even though I’ve never been to business school, I do my own accounting via SolaGenius.”

Rona Bunch, claimed, “SolaGenius is the bomb. I’ve worked with other software programs in the past, and this is just phenomenal. It does my retail inventory, and really everything a salon owner needs. SolaGenius masters every task.”

4. Branding + Marketing Guru

Nowadays, your website and social media accounts are your business card and resume all rolled into one. SolaGenius makes having a strong presence on both a no-brainer.

“SolaGenius creates an attractive, user-friendly booking website that reflects your brand, eliminating the need to create one from scratch on Squarespace, Weebly, or WordPress and without their annual fees. You can see my portfolio of work, hours, service menu, and book an appointment immediately,” said Ashley White. Check out her awesome SolaGenius website here!

Rona quickly added, “Having the capability to share reviews through social media gets a potential new client’s attention right there.”

5. Personal Assistant

Kayla Valerio is thrilled with how all of her time is accounted for, gleaming how “SolaGenius is the best app ever! There’s a no shows cancellation policy, which I never had before, meaning if someone cancels, I’m still going to make money off that. It’s changed my business.”

Better yet, SolaGenius’s newest feature has revolutionized the “at-a-glance” calendar. How? When downloading the newest version, you’ll notice “Color” as a new customizable option, making it simple to organize and color code each service offered in your studio with a selection of 18 colors.

No need to read scribbled details on highlighted notes: it’s all color-blocked and gorgeous! To customize your colors, click the “More” tab > “Services” icon.

When work-life balance is out of whack and you’re serious about owning your time, download the latest version via the Apple Store or Google Play and sign up for a 30-day free trial. And if you’re feeling a bit tech-challenged, SolaGenius’s White Glove Service will walk you through it, transitioning your appointment and client data automatically - and for free!

While each of our Sola pros walks a different path, a common factor in the success stories we hear is their ability to conquer that work-life balance. Let SolaGenius help you run your business like the BOSS you are!

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