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Social media has the power to attract the kind of work that you enjoy doing, capture the attention of clients that you want to work with and get your name in front of industry professionals that you want to connect with. Taking beautiful photos and telling a compelling brand story are both important to achieving success, but if your social media profiles aren’t optimized then you could be missing out on potential opportunities. 

An optimized social media profile will tell your followers who you are and what your profile is about. Optimization also helps search engines understand the content that’s on your profile and allows them to recommend your content to new audiences. Here are a few simple ways you can optimize your social media profiles to make sure you’re getting the most value possible from your social media marketing. 


Tips for Facebook

Optimize your “More Info” Section

Head over to the About settings on your Facebook page. Within the About section, you’ll find the More Info section. This section feeds search engines with information about your page. Fill this section in with keyword-rich information can help your page show up in search results on search engines like Google and Bing.

Make sure your contact information is complete.

The Contact Info section on Facebook is where your followers will go to find out how to contact you and discover your other social media profiles. Facebook uses this information to populate “Call Me” buttons on your page. Add as much information to this section as possible, including links to your Sola website!

Designate your preferred page audience.

Head to the Settings tab on your Facebook page, then scroll down until you see the Preferred Page Audience section. This section is where you will tell Facebook who your target customer is. Facebook will then use this information to recommend your page to people who fall within this target audience.


Tips for Instagram

Convert your Instagram account into a Business Profile

By converting your Instagram account into a Business Profile, you will gain access to several features that are invaluable to business owners. First, and most importantly, Instagram will place buttons on your profile to get directions, call or email you. You also get access to Insights, where you can view helpful stats about your posts and your followers. Last, you get the ability to create ads on Instagram. To convert your profile to a Business Profile, go to your profile settings, tap on the Switch to Business Profile section, and follow the prompts. 

Complete your Instagram profile information.

You have a limited amount of space to tell people what your profile is all about, so be sure to get the most out of every character! Make sure your profile includes your website, a detailed profile description, email, phone number and address. 

Optimizing your social media profile will not only help you get in front of more potential customers, but it also helps them understand the services you provide and gives them a way to reach out to you to book an appointment. Take a couple of minutes today to make sure that your own profiles are optimized and working hard to help increase your exposure! 


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