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Amidst chaos, it is important to self soothe and protect your energy (and it's safe to say we are living in a bit of a chaotic time right now). 

In a challenging situation, the best thing we can do is to ground ourselves with self-care and positive habits. This list is meant to inspire and not pressure, as we are all coping however we can with the shifting conditions of social distancing, cancellations and business closures. 


Above all, be good to yourself 🙏

Here are some tips to soothe and protect your energy: 

1. Limit News Intake: Yes, times are uncertain, but there is only so much news a person can take in one day. Since COVID-19 has overtaken the news, it seems we are inundated with stories, from social media to online news outlets to TV to conversations with friends and family, radio and podcast news. We need to limit our consumption of news in order to keep our spirits high. Try giving yourself a time limit, perhaps 30-60 minutes in the morning and 30-60 minutes in the afternoon to get updated on news. While it is important to stay informed, do not consume so much media that you feel depleted, bogged down, fearful or overwhelmed. 

2. Meditation and Deep Breaths: It is crucial to stay grounded, centered and calm amongst shifting conditions. Starting (or continuing) a daily meditation practice is a great way to clear the mind, stay present and feel aligned. Start with committing to a 5-10 minute meditation practice every morning. Breathe deep and long breaths, where the out-breath is slightly longer than the in-breath. If your mind wanders, simply bring it back to the present moment with a positive affirmation, or refocusing your attention to the breath. Increase the meditation daily until you are able to meditate for 30 minutes. If you tend to have racing thoughts in the evening, add a meditation practice to your evening as well, right before bed, or prior to your evening ritual. 


3. Keep Your Space Clean: Use any downtime at home or in your studio to clean, organize and purify your space. Disinfect any doorknobs, handles, keys, remote controls, buttons, sinks, toilets, tabletops, countertops, surfaces, and frequently touched areas in order to ensure that your space is safe and clean. 


4. Connect WIth Your Loved Ones: This is a great time to reach out to the people that you love. Your friends and family are going through uncertain times, and everyone’s situation is unique. Check in on your nearest and dearest digitally to let them know that you care. Although we are practicing social distancing, you can still use FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, Facebook Messenger and phone calls to make sure that you and your community feel that you are in it together. 


5. Stay Hydrated: Fluids are critical in maintaining a positive mindset and a healthy immune system. Drink warm fluids and plenty of water to make sure that you are giving your body the best possible foundation for overall health and strong immunity. 

6. Try Natural Stress Relievers: If stress is getting the better of you, or even if you just want to take it down a notch, try natural stress relief from herbs, oils, and supplements. Here are a few ideas for natural stress relievers that may support you through this transition: 

  • Lavender Oil: Lavender oil is a soothing, calming and stress-busting aroma that you can apply for self-soothing. Try rubbing the soles of your feet with lavender just before bed for best results.
  • Ashwagandha: This Ayurvedic herb is known for calming the nerves and stress relief. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your body to adapt to stressors in the environment. This grounding herb promotes healthy energy during the day, and sound sleep at night. You can find it in the form of capsule, powder or tincture. 
  • Kava Root: Kava is a stress reliever that soothes the nervous system. Kava tinctures, tonics and teas have a profound effect in promoting relaxation.

7) Practice Gratitude: Focus on the positive. What do you have to be grateful for? Feelings of gratitude stimulate the release of dopamine in our brains, a chemical linked to the way that we experience pleasure. When we allow ourselves to truly feel gratitude for something or someone, we feel a natural high from both internalizing the gratitude and expressing our feelings. During this time, try to keep a gratitude journal where you jot down the things per day that you are grateful for; and/or express gratitude to your loved ones or clients in order to keep spirits high. With clients, you can send out text and email communications (try SolaGenius for easy-to-use client text messaging!) reminding them that they are on your mind and you are so very grateful for them. Just the expression of gratitude can ward off negativity and boost dopamine, so amp up on gratitude when times are tough. 


8) Create An Exercise Routine: As always, it is important to keep your body moving to keep up with your physical health and to boost endorphins in the brain. If you feel comfortable, join a gym! Otherwise, many yoga studios, gyms, and fitness programs are offering inexpensive or free online streaming in place of their regular programming. Stock up on whatever you need at home to be effective in working out - whether it’s a yoga mat, small weights or a jump rope. Set yourself up with whatever space or props will get your heart rate up and blood pumping. This will circulate your energy, clear your mind and release endorphins that keep us happy. 

At Sola, your health, safety, security, and happiness are always at top of mind for us. We are thinking of each and every one of you during this unprecedented experience, and we will do everything in our power to support your needs. 

We hope that you will use this time for the self-care and self-love that every hardworking beauty professional deserves 💙 #SolaStrong

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