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A good photo is worth thousands of words, and that’s even more true in our industry! Word of mouth referrals and Yelp reviews are wonderful, but a photo can showcase your work in an instant and leave potential clients in awe of your artistry. With shortening attention spans and an increasing number of online distractions, high quality photography can give you an enormous marketing advantage. However, not-so-great photos can have the opposite effect.

We’ve noticed that there are some basic principles that the best Sola photographers nail every time they take a photo. Here are some simple things that you can do to up level your own photography, along with examples from the Sola community to inspire you!

Seek Out Good Lighting

There’s one thing in common with all great photos, and that’s great lighting! The best photographers seek out the best light that’s available to them. We’re huge fans of using natural sunlight in photos because it reproduces the most vivid colors. Try to take photos at the time of day when the sunlight is best in your studio.

One great option for reproducing natural light is to invest in a ring light (shown in the photo by @jenniferlavignehair). Ring lights are relatively inexpensive and will elevate your photo game instantly! They’re especially great for taking photos of hair and makeup. We recommend purchasing one that includes a tripod so that you can easily set it up in your studio. You can find ring lights at most photo stores, as well as on Amazon.

Take Photos at Eye Level

Photos taken below your subject can result in an unflattering image, and photos taken above your subject can make them feel small. We recommend always taking photos at your client’s eye level. Crouch down a bit to take a photo of a client who’s seated in a chair, or ask them to stand so that you’re both at the same level. Doing this will make sure that you’re capturing photos at an angle that will make your clients shine!   

Clear the Clutter

Don’t neglect the background! Messy countertops, cluttered shelves and hair tool wires can be a big distraction. The best Sola photographers always make sure that their backgrounds that are clean and clear of clutter. Frame your shot so that you eliminate anything that could take your attention off the star of your photo!  

Get Creative

It’s easy to get fatigued from seeing the same types of photos over and over again. Creative pictures will stand out from the crowd. Think of ways to inject some personality into your photos. Try capturing the anticipation of a bride on her big day, or the excitement that your clients feel after an incredible cut and color. The goal is to highlight your work in new and unexpected ways.

We picked the above photos because they do two things exceptionally well: They highlight the artist’s work, and they do it in a creative way that captures your attention! 

Show Faces

Faces hold our attention and cause us to look at photos longer – it’s human nature! Showing your clients’ faces will add an emotional element to your photos. Instead of always taking photos from behind, ask your clients if they would allow you to include their face in the photo!    

Good photography doesn’t require expensive equipment and years of expertise. It just requires a little forethought, attention to a few small details and a willingness to experiment. Some of the best Sola photographers take amazing photos armed with a camera phone and some good light. So get out there, and use these tips to make your own photos shine! 

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