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Autumn Morris, GlamLocks Hair Lounge | Encinitas, CA

Why Sola? Opportunity, opportunity, opportunity! I love Sola Salon Studios for so many more reasons then I ever thought was possible! The opportunity to increase your revenue is beyond what you could ever imagine. The growth that I’ve experienced in the last 3 1/2 years I’ve been at Sola gives me goose bumps! Once I made the move, I had the ability to sell retail, rent out part of my studio, train an assistant as well as develop my own product line and service my clients with a more personal touch. These are just some of the many reasons why I LOVE SOLA!

My 2016 Sola Goals: I love setting goals! Every year, I create a vision board and it’s great to look back to see what you've accomplished throughout the year! This coming year at Sola, I would love to continue to be a spokesperson and inspire other stylists to join the Sola family! I want to get my product–GlamLocks Hair Care–on the Sola Professional website so I can share it with other stylists. I’m so proud to offer a refreshing solution that fits a specific need for our clients! I plan on taking GlamLocks nationwide, reaching one stylist at a time. With that, I will share how Sola helped me fulfill my dreams! Another one of my goals is to expand my Sola studio! I have visions of growing within Sola by adding a reception and retail area as well as an extension bar. I’d like to continue to help build my assistant as well so she can take over running the studio while I work on marketing my product! With Sola the opportunities are endless! Here’s to 2016!


Kim Bennett Horvath, Kim Bennett Studios | Centennial, CO

Why Sola? I love Sola because there are no limits to achieving all my dreams in both my professional and personal life. When I opened my Sola Studio almost 12 years ago I was thankful just to be a salon owner. I could have never imagined all the growth, success and happiness that would be in my future. I love Sola because it's my family!

My 2016 Sola Goals: My salon goals are always to grow and increase my numbers! I hope to learn and be more open to advances in technology for my business. I look forward to connecting with more Sola Professionals as they inspire me everyday!


Holly Santelli, Serendipity Beauty Parlour | Park Ridge, IL

Why Sola? Sola feels like home to me. I feel so much peace and love every time I walk in the door of my beautiful salon. Opening my salon was the very best thing that I have done for myself. Sola has provided more opportunities for me than I ever dreamed could happen. I have grown so much and been able to express myself in so many ways since opening my business at Sola. I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to have my business inside of Sola Salons.

My 2016 Sola Goals: I have several goals for 2016, the first being organization. I spend so much time behind the chair and really need to be better organized on the business side of things. My second goal is to get my website up and running and do a little blogging. I also plan to take some advanced academy/master classes and to become an American Board Certified Colorist. If the opportunity arises to expand within Sola, I will definitely be doing that! Maybe a little redecorating too. Lastly, I hope to just be better as a person and a stylist everyday and to keep finding more ways to spread the love and be the light.


Derek Williams, Derek W. Groom My Style! | Crofton, MD

Why Sola? What's not to love about Sola? Sola gives you everything you need to open up and more. It's almost like they want you to succeed…guess what? THEY DO! I Love it!

My 2016 Sola Goals: In 2016, I am excited to open up a second studio location.


Kim Schine, The Painted Ten | Colorado Springs, CO

Why Sola? Sola has afforded me the opportunity to work for myself and showcase my premier services and nail techniques. The layout provides me a space that gives my guests the special one on one attention they deserve. Sola has helped me progress my business and to start asking more questions on how to further develop my business. What more can I do for my guests? Where can I improve and learn? Sola is an innovative company that pushes me to think out of the box everyday. I love that Sola has given me a platform to work for myself and create my own schedule. Sola has given me a community and family within this company. New friends, ways to collaborate, networking, ideas, and the biggest of all, support. Support from the company, the Colorado Springs owners, my fellow salon owners (near and far)…my heart is full. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined a company going above and beyond to make me feel like they need me (and us) to thrive and move forward together.

My 2016 Sola Goals: The New Year 2016 is going to open new doors and experiences! My goals are to brand my company with new ventures, move into a larger suite, and learn even more about my trade/craft! I not only want to be inspired, but I want to inspire and help others. Whether it's hearing stories, sharing my own, or continuing my education within my skill. My goal is to stay humble and grounded while I try to progress to be a leader in the nail community/industry. Beyond that, I want to be a voice for Sola and what Sola can do for small independent salon owners to make their businesses more successful than they already are!


Brandie Kekoa, Be Kekoa Hair Studio | Temecula, CA

Why Sola? When I moved to Sola, I fell in love again with my craft. The privacy of my own suite allowed me to create my own vibes, energy and focus. At Sola YOU are in control of your business.

My 2016 Sola Goals: My goals are to never stop progressing. I get excited when I see a Sola stylist advancing and listen to their success stories. When I'm inspired, I grow.


Kao Vey Saephanh, Salon KaoVey | San Francisco, CA

Why Sola? I love being my own boss. I’m able to make my own schedule so that I can continue to pursue my other passion, dance. Sola allows me to be more intimate with my clients and give them a one-on-one personal service.

My 2016 Sola Goals: In 2016, I will continue to grow my guest list. I’d like to raise my price rate and see my annual income continue to grow. I’d also like to continue my education and increase my retail sales. 


Joy Love Munlin, Joy Love’s Hair & Image Studio Inc. | Cherry Creek, CO

Why Sola? I love Sola because it provides me with a turnkey studio salon! It’s my own private place to make beautiful hair :)

My 2016 Sola Goals: To network more within my Sola community.


Lee Trevino, Tonic & Tweed Salon | Jacksonville, FL

Why Sola? I love Sola because it gives me the opportunity to be a guest artist for Hattori Hanzo Shears and Team CoCre8; and the ability to work behind the chair full time. I can put all of the education training and teaching I need to be one of the elite hairdressers in the United States.

My 2016 Sola Goals: One of my 2016 Sola goals is to give the customer one of the best experiences they've ever had in a salon. The other goal is to teach and educate others as much as I can. I want to help others because someone else did it for me.


Kanani Yasui, LoCKs Studio | Denver West, CO

Why Sola? I love how Sola has allowed my business to grow in ways that I'd never imagined. I have had the freedom to take on opportunities that have blown the doors open and knocked the walls down of my salon so we can expand. Sola has also allowed me to grow personally in my craft and in many other countless ways.

My 2016 Sola Goals: My goal use to be to own a giant, full service salon because I thought that would mean I was more successful. I wanted to use my Sola Salon as a launchpad to reach this old goal of mine but after exploding my business in just a few short months of moving in, both my partner and I have selfishly decided to stay forever and expand from within. My business goal for 2016 is to expand business as usual and in a way that we can expand the actual size of our salon.

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