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We are proud to introduce you to the 2017 Faces of Sola! Each of these Sola professionals stands out as an exceptional member of their local Sola community, and have made a positive impact on the national Sola community as well. They truly exemplify the Sola spirit and always aim to inspire


Sade Williams, Sade Milinda Studio | New York, NY

Find me on Instagram: @SadeMilindaStudio

I made the move to Sola because I wanted an intimate salon home for my guests. Coming from a high-end salon environment, Sola gave me the opportunity to design my studio and recreate that luxury feel. Being at Sola has made me more confident in my business. It has taught me structure and responsibility. I get excited to go to work every day because I get to make my own rules. I have the freedom to be flexible, which allows me to focus on my personal life and salon life without being tied down.

I feel confident in #MySola.


Shaila Paredes, Brows by Shaila | Brentwood, CA

Find me on Instagram: @browsbyshaila

Why did you decide to make the move to Sola? I decided to make the move to Sola because I was eager to work for myself and have my own place of business that could reflect my character and style. Joining the Sola family was key in helping me achieve those initial goals. Being my own boss and having a studio that requires my constant attention has definitely made me a more responsible and forward thinking individual. Personally, I strive for my own happiness and I look to how I can grow and what I can bring to the table for my clients. I’m always thinking, “what’s next?” and I know that anything I put my mind to can be achieved. My clients are my drive and their happiness is my happiness.

I feel creative in #MySola.


Sharon Hinkle, Blend Studio | Tacoma, WA

Find me on Instagram: @Blend_Studio

I moved to Sola because I wanted my own spot, and I wanted to be my own boss. Sola was everything I needed! Moving to Sola was definitely a game changer. I feel so much more successful and I feel like a big deal having my own studio.

I feel like a boss in #MySola.


Julie Nguyen, Cosmic Nails | Charlotte, NC

Find me on Instagram: @cosmicnails_clt

I decided to move to Sola salons because I wanted to surround myself with a community of people with likeminded ideas and goals. Being here allows me to stay on top of my performance in a career that is so competitive. Sola has changed my life. I am 100% happier because I can finally be my own person. Professionally, I am now able to challenge myself on another level of creativity in regards to nails art. In a traditional salon I wasn't able to experiment with other mediums. Now that I am in my own space I am able to use whatever materials I want, which keeps my day-to-day exciting.

#MySola is my opportunity.


Kenya Kirk, Kenya Rynea Salon | Austin, TX

Find me on Instagram: @KenyaRynea

I decided to make the move to Sola because I was ready to have my own salon, but wasn't sure if I was ready for the commitment of a 10+ chair salon; I figured this would be the perfect place to practice. My life has definitely changed professionally and personally being it Sola. Between choosing my hours, perfecting my retail rack, working with other local artists featuring products, and becoming my own master of my branding and marketing.

I feel unstoppable in #MySola.


Antonio Heath, Tonsorial Shave | Birmingham, MI

Find me on Instagram: @tonytonsorial

Being a former storefront barbershop owner, Sola was the perfect opportunity for me to be an owner again, without all of the stress. Personally it has brought peace to my life, because I can simply focus on my clients. Being at Sola gives me serenity! Professionally it has given me the respect that I've always deserved and it has helped me meet people who I look up to in our industry.

I feel like a king in #MySola, and #MySola is my castle.


Tammy and Lauren Muniz, Rouge 22 Salon | Chattanooga, TN

Find us on Instagram: @rouge22salon & @iamtheloud1

Tammy: From the first time I walked in to Sola, I felt I came alive again! My creative juices started flowing! From decor to products sales, I had a vision! I had always wanted to open my own but with not with all the extra hassles of salon ownership. The fact that I get to work with my daughter and that we can do this together, is frosting on the cake. We are truly blessed to love what we do, and do what we love. It never feels like work. This has been a desire of the heart fulfilled! I feel so complete, and the memories are priceless.

Tammy: #MySola is my haven.

Lauren: I feel innovative in #MySola


Sue Scott, Wisp Salon | Alexandria, VA

Find me on Instagram: @wispsalonalexandria

I chose Sola because I knew that it would change my life in so many positive ways. I felt it in my soul that it was the place for me to be; to be surrounded by likeminded Salon owners and have the freedom to do what you love, while make more money without the headache of owning a big salon. I have more financial freedom and can take more time off to spend with my family, travel and play. Professionally, I learned I love to help others grow and share my wonderful journey with new Sola owners!

#MySola is my home away from home.


Fernando Adame, Final Cut Hair Studio | Albuquerque, NM

Find me on Instagram: @finalcuthairstudio

When I was attending Beauty School, I noticed there was a huge potential for schools to elaborate on the business side of things. Business acumen only covered in a few days. I then realized that I had to put paper to pen and generate an operating document and make a dream come true. My studio is private and intimate, and allows me to think outside of the box. At the end of day, it's mine and I make of it what I want alongside my clients.

I feel in total control in #MySola.

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