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Is It Time To Update Your Sola Website? image

It’s 2017, and let’s face it – people are no longer making decisions without looking things up online first. When was the last time you Googled yourself? What were the results that came up?

At Sola, we have an incredibly powerful (and free!) way to get new eyes on your business every day. It’s by setting up your Sola website.

Whether you have a robust Sola website set up or not, when you Google yourself, your Sola website likely comes up pretty high in the search results. This because search engines typically assume that the more popular a website is, the more valuable the information it contains must be. Even if you have a personal website for your salon and you aren’t using the Sola website to drive traffic to your business, it’s likely that your Sola website comes up first in the search results.

But…why? On an average month, the Sola website gets nearly 150,000 visits! In one month. Meaning if you didn’t have a website customized with your contact information, pictures of you and your studio and detailed info about your salon studio, you’re missing out on major business opportunities.

Additionally, your Sola managers get requests for services every day, and they always refer these calls to the Sola website. A fully-built out website gets you leads, makes you stand out, and brings new cheeks to your chair!

Search engines are always looking for content. Simply put, the webpages with the best, most accurate information win more leads. And the good news is, the Sola website provides you with all of the functionality to build out a page that acts like your own full-blown website.

Think about how a potential customer is using the Sola website to find a stylist…AKA, to learn more about you. They are looking for the salon that is going to provide the services and experience that they desire. They might want to see pictures of you, get a taste of the type of work you produce and even hear what some of your existing clients have to say about you.

So, what’s in a fully built-out Sola website?

Contact Information: people need a way of reaching you, whether by email or phone! On the Sola website, we have a contact form built right into your page that will send messages to the email address that you add to your page.

Book Now Button: keep in mind that people are searching for you, oftentimes, late at night. Make it as easy as possible for people to book appointments with you! Stay tuned for Sola booking software…coming soon!

PICTURES! Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, and people are totally sold on visuals. Think about all the beautiful things you can showcase with your gallery: include photos of you, your studio, and the great work you do.

A Detailed Bio: Write a detailed a bio about yourself that speaks to you as an artist—what your style is—as well as to you as a person. Make it colorful and allow yourself to shine.

Links to your Personal Salon Website

Links to your Social Media Pages: you want people to follow you, right?!

Hours of Operation

Services Offered

Testimonials from Current Clients

Map to your Sola Location: Already included, for your guests' convenience! 

Take a look at the before and after of Crystal Leisner’s page below. As you can see, we’ve now connected her Sola webpage to her personal website, Facebook and Instagram pages, added some colorful photography, a bio and more. We also caught that her studio number was incorrect and she even has a new phone number! This is the perfect example of why you should check out your Sola webpage once in a while to make sure it’s up to date!

Your Sola website should share a story of how client is going to feel coming to your salon. Do you appeal to those looking for a glamorous salon experience, or someone who likes a more cozy feel? Or perhaps you’re a barber with a flat screen TV and you want your guys to know that at your salon, they get to watch ESPN to their heart’s content.

How are you going to provide an experience for them that fits what they are looking for? This should be apparent on your Sola website.

To update your Sola website, download the Sola Pro app. To login, you will use the Sola email address associated with your Sola website page to create a login. If you aren't sure what email address is on your page, reach out to your Sola manager – they can help you get logged in! From there, visit the My Sola Pro section and it’s easy as 1-2-3. As a small business owner, your Sola website is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you…our treat!

Download the app on iTunes or Google Play!