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It’s crazy how quickly summer has turned into fall. The leaves are falling, the decorations are going up, and thoughts are turning to fun holiday gatherings with friends and family. The holidays can be a great time to build your salon’s business, too. Here are seven marketing ideas to help your salon get a bump in business this holiday.

Deck the Halls!
Nothing helps usher in holiday spirit quite like a beautifully decorated space. You can be as extravagant or as minimalist as you want, but adding that touch will help make your holiday appointments extra special. One easy way to get into the holiday spirit is to offer your clients hot cocoa or an eggnog latte instead of the usual water or tea. If you’re really feeling the holiday spirit, offer some fun cocktails or mocktails!

photo props: Camila Rodondi, Bellissima Hair Salon

Give Back
The holidays are the perfect time to give back to your community, and charity-based promotions can be very successful. Partner with a local charity and donate goods or services they may need, or pledge a portion of your proceeds during the month of December to a philanthropy you believe in. On social media, share these charities’ stories and what you are doing to assist them, and encourage your clients to help you give back.

photo props: Sola Salon Studios Reno

Get in the (Holiday Product) Spirit
Add new items to your retail selection that would make great gifts for your client to give others or to use to pamper herself, like holiday nail polish sets or gift boxes filled with a selection of limited-edition products. Have these items arranged in an eye-catching display, and be sure to mention them to your clients at point-of-sale.

photo props: Sarah Watts, Suite Nectarine

Promote, Promote, Promote
No one will know that you have amazing holiday-themed services or fantastic gift boxes if you don’t promote them. Make sure to post on your salon’s social media accounts, like Facebook and Instagram. Send out a newsletter with your upcoming promotions and special offerings, and make sure your website is updated as well. Even though the holidays are busy, be sure your social media profiles are consistently updated, so you don’t lose the momentum you’ve been gaining all year.

photo props: The Sisters Hair House

Try a Boosted Facebook Post
This is a great time to buy a boosted post on Facebook, since everyone is looking for great gift ideas and deals during the holidays. Facebook shares these posts in the newsfeeds of the people you choose as your target market, which helps you expand your marketing reach. To buy a boosted post, click the “Boost Post” button on your business page’s post. This button will appear after you publish the post. You’ll have the ability to target your post’s audience, so make sure you choose people who live near your salon. Then pick a total budget that you are willing to spend, click “Boost,” and Facebook will do the rest! For $100, your post could reach more than 20,000 people. Talk about a good return on your investment! Make sure your boosted post offers a can’t-miss promotion or offering, includes an eye-catching photo, and links to your website.

photo props: Melanie Smith, Southern Roots

It’s on Everyone’s Wish List
Did you know that gift cards are the most commonly requested holiday gift? Ask every client at point-of-sale if he or she would like to buy a gift card for a friend, a co-worker, a family member, or anyone else they may be buying for this holiday season. Explain all the great ways that a gift card can be used in your salon, and why it’s such an amazing treat to receive. Remember, gift cards aren’t just about boosting your sales one time. They can also be a way to reach new customers who will hopefully come back to see you time and time again.

photo props: Darling By Elle

Don’t Forget About the New Year
Ask all your clients if they would like to schedule their next appointment at point-of-sale. A bump in holiday business is great, but you want to be busy well into the New Year, too. If you send out a newsletter (which you definitely should!), be sure to capture client email addresses, so you can send them marketing messages and promotions if your business starts to slump after January 1st. Also, think about ways that you can market your business in the New Year. Since it’s often a time of resolutions and a renewed interest in health and wellness, perhaps you can offer packages or promotions after the holidays that will help your clients turn over a new leaf.

photo props: Everafter Skin Spa

Here’s a little bit of homework before you take a well-deserved break and start pouring the eggnog. Write down some holiday business goals for your salon, and decide which of these marketing ideas you are going to implement to help you reach them. Pencil some time into your calendar in the coming weeks to get everything sorted out, and before you know it, you’ll have a thriving holiday business. Best wishes for a successful holiday season!

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